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an honest mistake

A mistake made unintentionally or unknowingly and without the intention of causing harm; a mistake that anyone might have made in similar circumstances. It was an honest mistake! How was I to know that you wouldn't want me to send that letter with the rest of the mail?
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by mistake

Accidentally; unintentionally. I am so sorry, sir—I gave you the wrong dish by mistake. Oh, they hung up—they called the wrong number by mistake.
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make no mistake

What I have said or am about to say is absolutely certain; do not think otherwise. Make no mistake, I intend to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to. Make no mistake, this was a carefully orchestrated crime—not some amateur job.
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make no mistake about it

What I have said or am about to say is absolutely certain; do not think otherwise. Make no mistake about it, I intend to take this all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to. Make no mistake about it, this was a carefully orchestrated crime—not some amateur job.
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by mistake

in error; accidentally. I'm sorry. I came into the wrong room by mistake. I chose the wrong road by mistake. Now we are lost.
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If you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything.

Prov. If you try to do something, you will likely make mistakes.; The only way to make no mistakes is to avoid trying to do anything. (Can be used to console someone who has made a mistake.) Alan: I'm sorry there's no dessert. I tried to make a cake, but I messed it up. Jane: That's OK, dear; if you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything. It's a shame that you ruined the sweater you were making, but if you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything.
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make a mistake

to commit an error; to do something wrong accidentally. I made a mistake and I am really sorry about it.
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Make no mistake (about it)!

Inf. Do not be mistaken! You can be certain. Sally: I'm very angry with you! Make no mistake about it! Fred: Whatever it's about, I'm sorry. Clerk: Make no mistake, this is the finest carpet available. Sally: I'd like something a little less fine, I think.
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mistake (someone) for (someone else)

 and mix (someone) up with (someone else)
to confuse someone with someone else; to think that one person is another person. I'm sorry. I mistook you for John. Tom is always mistaking Bill for me. We don't look a thing alike, though. Try not to mix Bill up with Bob, his twin.
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mistake (something) for (something else)

 and mix (something) up with (something else)
to confuse two things with each other. Please don't mix this idea up with that one. I mistook my book for yours.
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mix someone up with someone else Go to mistake someone for someone

See also: else, mistake, mix, up

mix something up with something else Go to mistake something for something

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by mistake

Erroneously, as in He took my coat by mistake. [c. 1700]
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make no mistake

Have no doubt, certainly, as in Make no mistake-I'll vote Republican no matter who runs. [Mid-1800s] Also see get someone wrong.
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mistake for

Take someone or something for someone or something else, as in I'm sorry, I mistook you for her sister, or Don't mistake that friendly smile for good intentions; he's a tough competitor. [c. 1600]
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and no mistake

without any doubt. informal
1993 Sam McAughtry Touch & Go He was a headcase and no mistake.
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make no mistake (about it)

do not be deceived into thinking otherwise. informal
1974 Times Make no mistake. We had a major work of television last night.
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there is no mistaking someone or something

it is impossible not to recognize someone or something.
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and ˈno mistake!

(old-fashioned, especially British English) used to show that you are sure about the truth of what you have just said: The dinner party was a disaster, and no mistake!
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by miˈstake

accidentally; without intending to: I took your bag instead of mine by mistake.
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in miˈstake for something

thinking that something is something else: Children may eat pills in mistake for sweets.
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ˌmake no miˈstake (about something)

(spoken) used to emphasize what you are saying, especially when you want to warn somebody about something: Make no mistake (about it), this is one crisis that won’t just go away.
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there’s no miˈstaking somebody/something

somebody/something is easy to recognize; something is obvious: There’s no mistaking her voice — she’s got a very strong Scottish accent.There’s no mistaking the new mood of optimism in the country.

mistake for

To wrongly perceive that someone or something is someone or something else: I'm sorry to have bothered you—I mistook you for a friend of mine. Don't mistake the poison ivy for a box elder vine!
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Make no mistake (about it)!

sent. an expression signifying the sincerity of the speaker’s previous statements. Make no mistake! This is the real thing.
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Make no mistake !

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Prophet Mohammad, the Messenger of God (may the peace and blessings of the Lord be upon him) and the most brilliant educator of humanity, approached mistakes not as cause for shame, but as teachable moments.
After all, anyone can make a genuine mistake - HMRC have been known to make mistakes too.
As part of social emotional learning (SEL), we're equipping students with the knowledge they need to be able to get back up when students fall down, and teaching students to learn through their mistakes is a key component in developing those skills.
Critique: Anyone who has every engaged in making art and in the process made mistakes will appreciate and value "The Art of Mistakes: Unexpected Painting Techniques and the Practice of Creative Thinking".
He can make mistakes and I know as you age it is more difficult to accept one's mistakes.
Does Drake have a point in pointing out Bieber's mistakes or is he too much?
And my hypothesis is that the most important feature of successful societies and enterprises is that individuals and groups have the freedom to make the inevitable mistakes inherent in the process of invention.
On Saturday, the Revolution of Conscience Project held a symposium about common medical mistakes.
Washington, Oct 4 (ANI): People who think they can learn from their mistakes have a different brain reaction to mistakes than people who think they can't get smarter, according to a new study.
When your employees make mistakes, that often means they're acting and thinking in new ways and you definitely want that to occur.
Most failures, says author Shawn Brodof, are due to key mistakes that the business owners could have easily corrected, if only identified earlier in the life of the business.
There could possibly be times when ignoring one's mistake could be in accordance with one's practice goals, such as in "performance practicing"; nonetheless, it is still advisable in these cases to keep a mental inventory of the mistakes in order to handle them later.
DAVID Moyes has a chilling warning for his Everton stars - 'keep making mistakes and you will be axed'.
EMPLOYEES of both the CPR and Ministry of Labour seem to be making repeated and serious mistakes.