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It may very well be, I repeat, that my words seem to you utterly unnecessary and out of place; it may be that they are called forth by my mistaken impression.
It establishes a confidence between us which is quite delightful, and was certainly necessary, though how you can ever have mistaken our positions and designs, I confess I cannot understand.
Summary: FUJAIRAH -- People have landed in jail due to mistaken identity in several countries in the past.
Finally, it is important that the Bush-Blair duo did not, and will not, admit that they might have been mistaken in assessing and analyzing the current Iraqi situation.
Rhodri Morgan, the Welsh Assembly's First Minister, almost landed a part in the new series of Doctor Who after he was mistaken by BBC staff for a tree-like monster appearing in the show.
While most of the 1, 279, 953 calls this year did result in rescues or investigations, some turned out to be either hoaxes or cases of mistaken identity.
The taxpayer argued he was mistaken as to the availability of a refund because of the letter he had received from the IRS in 2001.
Then just hours later Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer announced that Card was mistaken and that both offices would remain open after all.
It is my contention that the obligation of following one's conscience consists in the obligation to take responsibility for one's actions whether those actions are mistaken or not.
The importer argued that the mistaken valuation was "adverse" under 19 U.
DeAngelo immediately advised Kraft of the mistaken improvement to his property.