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miss the cut

In golf, to fail to match or better the score necessary to remain in the final two rounds of a four-round tournament, thus resulting in elimination. Despite a strong start in the tournament, Ms. Ryder fell behind in the last nine holes and ended up missing the cut.
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miss the mark

To be slightly or somewhat mistaken, incorrect, or inaccurate. I believe your statements about the city's homelessness problem have rather missed the mark. The film tries to be a commentary on the middle class in this country, but it ends up missing the mark.
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never miss a trick

To always take advantage of every opportunity or situation to gain some benefit for oneself. Did you really try to make a quick buck during the hurricane? You never miss a trick, do you? When you're hiring a PR consultant, you want someone who'll never miss a trick.
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go missing

To disappear. My diamond earrings have gone missing, and I want the entire staff to be interrogated! A: "How did the dog go missing?" B: "I don't know, he must have wiggled under the fence in the backyard."
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miss the cushion

To fail in some way. The phrase is similar in meaning and use to "miss the mark." I felt confident going into the interview, but I think I really missed the cushion, judging by the recruiter's facial expressions.
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missing link

1. A hypothetical extinct animal that is believed to be the evolutionary connection between man and ape. Scientists will never fully understand the evolution of man until they find the missing link.
2. Something that is significantly, noticeably absent, often because its presence would be helpful or beneficial. Participation is the missing link in your grade, so I would suggest speaking up in class going forward. I think that chlorine is the missing link in this experiment.
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fear of missing out

slang The worry that one may miss an enjoyable activity, especially due to the fact that one often sees others documenting such activities on social media. Often abbreviated as "FOMO." Fear of missing out convinced me to go to that crazy outdoor festival with my friends.
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without missing a beat

Without slowing down, pausing, or being distracted, especially in spite of a potential disruption. Even when the hecklers started singing obnoxiously, the speaker continued without missing a beat. The teacher asked us how photosynthesis begins, and, without missing a beat, John said, "With a 'P.'"
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miss a trick

To not take advantage of an opportunity or situation to gain some benefit for oneself. Almost always used in the negative to convey the opposite, meaning that one is opportunistic. Did you really try to make a quick buck during the hurricane? You never miss a trick, do you? Even the best salesmen miss a trick once in a while. You'll get the next one.
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miss a trick

Fig. to miss an opportunity or chance. (*Typically with the negative.) She hardly ever misses a trick. Mr. Big never misses a trick. How did a smart guy like you miss a trick like that?
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have all one's buttons

Also, have all one's marbles. Be completely sane and rational. For example, Grandma may be in a wheelchair, but she still has all her buttons, or I'm not sure he has all his marbles. These slangy expressions date from the mid-1800s, as do the antonyms lose or be missing some of one's buttons or marbles , meaning "become (or be) mentally deficient."
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without missing a beat


not missing a beat

If someone says or does something without missing a beat, they continue to speak or do something without pausing. `Are you jealous?' — `Only when I'm not in control,' he says, without missing a beat.
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not know what you’re ˈmissing

not realize how good, amusing, interesting, etc. something is because you have never tried it: ‘I’m not really interested in snowboarding.’ ‘Oh, you should give it a try. You don’t know what you’re missing.’
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it is EMCOR's hope that this effort will exponentially increase the chances of finding missing children.
Remains may mount to only a chipped bone from it missing pilot who slammed into a ragged unnamed Central Highlands mountain at hundreds of miles per hour more than 30 years ago.
Chris Hiller, indigenous justice co-ordinator with the Anglican Church of Canada, says she had heard various stories about women missing from individual communities, but she remembers the shock of hearing the collective numbers.
Missing data may be the result of questionnaire programming errors if computer-assisted interviewing is used.
Los Angeles County, which has about 10 percent of the nation's foster children, also has about 10 percent of the nation's missing foster children.
Most long-term abductions are reported to the police, not as abductions, but as missing children.
A Justice Department study conducted by David Finkelhor of the University of New Hampshire shows that the attorney general's tally of 440,000 missing includes children missing for a "few minutes to overnight.
Although Sula has slipped into a "secondhand lonely" for Ajax, the loneliness she describes to Nel consists of a yearning or missing without object.
HSN shows missing children spots three to five times each day over its three networks as part of an ongoing program.
Established in 2001 by singer/songwriter, Jannel Rap, GINA for Missing Persons brings together recording artists from all over the country in an effort to raise awareness of all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children who go missing every year.
The inquiry into Los Angeles County's missing foster children came in response to nationwide efforts to determine how many foster children are missing after a Florida case involving a 5-year-old girl whose disappearance from her foster home went unreported for nearly two years.
Police agencies decide easily how to respond to cases with clear indicators about what happened, such as dealing with a witnessed stranger abduction, a runaway who packs a bag and leaves a note, or a very young missing child, which police generally investigate whatever the circumstances.
I am happy that Home Shopping Club has chosen to work with the Missing Children.
The program distributes equipment to law enforcement and educates parents and guardians about tips for taking and maintaining updated photos of their children, one of the most important tools available in case a child is missing.
Los Angeles County officials on Tuesday sharply increased their estimate of missing foster children from 488 to 740 as the Board of Supervisors called for a sweeping management evaluation and took steps to put the missing children's names and photos on the Internet.