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misplace one's trust (in someone)

to put trust in the wrong person; to put trust in someone who does not deserve it. The writer misplaced his trust in his editor. The voters misplaced their trust in the corrupt politician.
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In misplace part, the information for both manual misplace and automatic misplace are same which are the title of the books misplaced, misplace and correct place for the particular book.
When C# program run, the command will create four more permanent tables which are Reader, inventory_latest, misplace and correct_place.
To start the manual misplace program, the user need to click the button.
After click the "Misplace Book" button, the program will disable the button to make sure no second Manual Misplace Page appear.
If the program run this misplace part before, it will go to the "Drop inventory_latest, misplace and correct_place table" step before it continue the "Save the latest data from inventory part to inventory_latest table" and "Compare the latest data table (inventory_latest) with original data table (Book)".
Next, the program will Show "Manual Misplace Page" with title, misplace and correct place for the misplaced book by using Query 4.
Thus, to end the misplace part program, the user need to click "Back" button on Manual Misplace Page and it will go back to Home Page.
Antenna Query 2 select Title,Shelf,Levell into misplace from inventory_latest WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT Title,Shelf,Levell FROM Book WHERE Book.
b) Misplace Part for 1 level: Put the misplace books randomly at one part.