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n. the so-called missionary sexual position. Mish, mish, mish! No imagination.


and mish-mosh (ˈmɪʃmæʃ and ˈmɪʃmɑʃ)
n. a mixture; a disorderly conglomeration. There’s no theme or focus. It’s just a mish-mash.


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Silver coins will be manufactured in the inception phase and silver blanks (round metal plates on which the obverse and reverse of a coin are manufactured) for their production will be provided by Mish International Monetary Inc.
Mish immediately bought it, and contacted the guy to see how quickly it could be delivered.
Another boy, Amir, complained about the noise from his large classroom and mentioned that it was fun at Mish Madrasa.
I called in on Mish, who couldn't stop to chat for long as she was too busy with customers.
Mish said she hoped to encourage Northumbrian Pipers to join the local choirs.
Slieve Mish came on from her last run and she might have another day," said Bolger.
The Hilarious Adventures of Mish and Mash is filled with hysterical illustrations and different styles of jokes, including knock-knock jokes, humorous riddles, guffaw-inducing Rebus Puzzles and giggle-worthy puns.
Chogha Mish II: The development of a prehistoric regional center in lowland Susiana, southwestern Iran; final report on the last six seasons of excavations, 1972-1978.
Best described as a mish mash of art and punk rock, the No Wave movement of the late 1970s was something bizarre to behold.
Growing up in East Germany instilled Mish Rosa with the drive to maintain an eco-friendly tradition.
Mish were named tops in the contest's three categories.
On October 17, 1989, my best friend Mish made fun of my hair.
The Boss hadn't shown up yet, so the crew was on a broverload pile-out mish.
Chogha Mish, volume I: The First Five Seasons of Excavations, 1961-1971.
There's the sunny environs of Rockers Hi-Fi's Mish Mash, which tweak the genre's gloomy timbres with a snippet of "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?