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do (oneself) a mischief

To do something that harms oneself. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I think you'll do yourself a mischief if you try that risky skateboard trick.
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make mischief

to cause trouble. Bob loves to make mischief and get other people into trouble. Don't believe what Mary says. She's just trying to make mischief.
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make mischief

Cause trouble, as in Don't listen to her gossip-she's just trying to make mischief. This idiom was first recorded in 1884, but the related noun mischief-maker, a person who causes trouble especially by tale-bearing, dates from about 1700.
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do yourself a mischief

If you do yourself a mischief, you injure part of your body. I think I'd do myself a mischief if I tried to copy any of her dance moves.
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do someone (or yourself) a mischief

injure someone or yourself. informal
See also: mischief

make mischief

create trouble or discord.
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ˌdo somebody/yourself a ˈmischief

(British English, informal or humorous) hurt somebody/yourself: You could do yourself a mischief wearing such tight trousers!
See also: mischief, somebody

make ˈmischief

deliberately do or say something that annoys or upsets somebody; make trouble for somebody: She told those lies because she was jealous and wanted to make mischief.
See also: make, mischief
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The game was then played as a challenge and the Mischiefs edged home 14-11.
The Mischiefs and the Saints both scored five times in the middle period, with Jamie Ord, Helens, Ben Fisher, Owen Winn and Richardson netting for Whitley.
The scoring continued in the final period as Aaron Wright (2), Johnson and Finlinson gave Mischiefs an 11-1 lead.
Mischiefs faced Coventry Blaze at Hillheads on Sunday and were unlucky to be on the wrong end of a 5-2 scoreline.
Craig Johnson put Whitley ahead on 74 seconds and Adam Finlinson made it 2-1 to Mischiefs at 12.
Mischief Scorers: Joshua Purvis 4-0; Callum Queenan and Aaron Wright 3 + 1; Adam Finlinson 2 + 0; Kyle Ross and Dylan Wright 1 + 1.
Blaze's netminder Adam Goss was again in fine form as he kept Mischiefs at bay until 13.
Determined not to see the Mischiefs held again, Ord and Zajac each completed hat-tricks respectively at 36.
Mischiefs kept Sheffield to just 3-0 at the half-way stage and added a further seven in the final period.
Mischiefs made a perfect start by taking a 24-second lead through Kate Ord and Jonny Zajac doubled the lead after 53 seconds.
Mischiefs kept battling away and were rewarded with an equaliser after 30 minutes from Ben Richards.
Nottingham restored their lead five minutes later, which proved to be the winning goal as Mischiefs could not find a way to snatch a deserved point.
Mischiefs beat Sunderland 2-1 but lost to Fife 8-0, Swindon 4-0 and Telford 7-1.
On the two minute mark, Mischiefs took the lead through Christian Johnson.
Andrew Cook (2) and Ord with her hat-trick marker eased Mischiefs into a 6-0 lead after 10 minutes.