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Having a miscarriage is the death of a child and it impacts upon whole families.
Disease Activity Score based on 28 joints (DAS28) was higher 6 and 12 weeks after miscarriage than before pregnancy, with 33% of women having a disease flare after miscarriage.
Twenty-eight percent of those suffering a miscarriage reported that celebrities' disclosure of miscarriage had eased their feelings of isolation, and 46 percent said they felt less alone when friends disclosed their own miscarriages.
recent cover story about Kate Middleton having a miscarriage contains any element of truth.
They said: "It was a weekend when Kierston had the miscarriage.
THERE has been a long debate within the health service about the best way to diagnose miscarriages.
Recurrent miscarriages are when you lose three or more pregnancies in a row.
Some 12% of women were placed on the labour ward to recover after a miscarriage and 32% were put on a general ward.
A mother who had 19 miscarriages has given birth to a healthy baby thanks to ground-breaking surgery in the UAE.
Halima was in her final month of pregnancy and a couple of days before the miscarriage she began feeling pain and thought it was because she was fasting but when the pain increased she was immediately admitted to hospital and had the miscarriage.
The exact cause of the condition is unknown, but around three-quarters of women who suffer recurrent miscarriage will go on to deliver a healthy baby in the future.
Glasgow, concluded: "The parents of women who experience recurrent miscarriage
Summary: A new study may offer women one more reason to kick the smoking habit before becoming pregnant: a potentially reduced risk of early miscarriage.
This study used data on all 318 pregnancies occurring at a London Assisted Conception Unit between 2006 and 2009 after the implantation of one embryo in IVF or ICSI cycles, in order to assess the effect of BMI on miscarriage rates.