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do it with mirrors

1. To do or perform something (especially a magic trick) by using an optical illusion. Everyone was astounded when he appeared to levitate off the ground, but I'm pretty sure he just did it with mirrors.
2. To do something in a highly secretive, illusory, or inexplicable way, likened to that of a magic trick. The military operation was completely unseen, completely unnoticed by anybody, as if they did it with mirrors. The company's CEO managed to swindle his clients out of millions of dollars, doing it with mirrors so that no one would notice the disappearance of the money until it was too late.
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able to fog a mirror

Fig. Inf. alive, even if just barely. (Usually jocular. Alludes to the use of a small mirror placed under the nose to tell if a person is breathing or not. (Able to can be replaced with can.) Look, I don't need an athlete to do this job! Anybody able to fog a mirror will do fine!
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smoke and mirrors

deception and confusion. (Said of statements or more complicated rhetoric used to mislead people rather than inform. Alludes to the way a magician uses optical illusion to create believability while performing a trick. Fixed order.) Most people know that the politician was just using smoke and mirrors to make things look better than they really were. Her report was little more than smoke and mirrors. No one will believe any of it.
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smoke and mirrors

something that is meant to confuse or deceive people Is this crisis just so much smoke and mirrors, or is it true that the government will run out of money?
Usage notes: usually involving a large organization rather than only one person
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smoke and mirrors

  (American & Australian)
something which is intended to confuse or deceive people, especially by making them believe that a situation is better than it really is Smoke and mirrors made the company seem bigger and healthier than it really was. It was just clever marketing.
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done by mirrors

and done with mirrors
mod. illusory; accomplished in a way that is purposefully deceptive. He’s not really smart. It’s all done by mirrors. The whole budgetary process is done with mirrors.
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done with mirrors

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smoke and mirrors

n. a strategy of deception and cover up. Her entire report was nothing but smoke and mirrors. Who could believe any of it?
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smoke and mirrors

Something that deceives or distorts the truth: Your explanation is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
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This independence allows them to perform "any-to-any mirroring," where data can be mirrored from any device, to any device, at any location.
In addition, data can typically only be mirrored to an identical storage device from the same vendor, limiting the ability to use less expensive devices at remote locations.
Data can be mirrored between storage devices from any vendor (any-to-any mirroring).
Using iSCSI virtualizationsoftware, mirrored partner volumes are defined from the local and remote storage system(see Figure 2).
To make the configuration complete, the iSCSI switch in each respective recovery site is given a physical connection to the mirrored disk belonging to the respective primary site (see Figure 3).
As mentioned in the previous section, when used in conjunction with iSCSI switch mirroring and FC or third party FC tunneling techniques, it can provide an off-site disaster recovery facility which re-connects hosts with mirrored partners within seconds of primary site failure.
Generating backups from the mirrored data allows the process to proceed on a flexible schedule, but also introduces a point of vulnerability.
Furthermore, SAN flier-based replication saves considerable capital resources by allowing data to be mirrored between arrays of different types and from different manufacturers.
Data is striped and mirrored on adjacent drives in the array.
RAID-1 (JBOD mirroring): If one disk in the mirror fails, no data is lost; however, simultaneous loss of both mirrored disks results in data loss.
Read performance is enhanced because the RAID controller can read from either disk in the mirror, so if one disk is busy, the data can be retrieved from its mirrored counterpart.
The Internet backbone is getting more congested all the time,'' Bayles continued, ``and having a site mirrored on local servers reduces the number of hops prospects and customers have to take to get to that site.
Bayles noted that a site can be mirrored in multiple countries simultaneously.
In addition, NETouch provides users with reports detailing site utilization in each of the countries mirrored.