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Concomitantly, Dane's compositional minuteness in the midground of the shot coupled with his emergence serves to miniaturise him, this time in proportion to the gigantic 'Mr.
Generally, a considerable proportion of the current probably flows to the magnetite film surface as stearic effects from the hydrogen gas given off by the CP reaction and the minuteness of the bare steel ring limit access.
Craftsmen have achieved perfect union of art and precision in every Precious watch and all the mechanisms and decorative components have been created with immense care and minuteness.
Gardner (1905:22), for example, points out that it was quite natural that the Greeks, with their strong tendency towards introducing simple mathematical relations, should have transferred to sculpture the remarkable care and minuteness with which they regulated the proportions of columns and other parts of their temples.
The human I, as a finite act, exercises its minuteness (Nichtigheit) and fleetingness.
In childhood I learned to experience the landscape, feel the immensity of its scale, touch the minuteness of its details.
The portrait shames its neighbour, the portrait of the marquise d'Orvilliers delineated, with his usual coarse, unvisionary veracity and unselective minuteness, by Jacques-Louis David.
The naked observation of facts must ever be essentially the same process, with due allowance for variation in the important elements of number, minuteness, and accuracy; and no observer so crude, as not to bring his facts into some connexion with each other, or with kindred parts of human knowledge.
In their very minuteness they reveal the comprehensiveness of rational control.
There are lists of scribbles in a tiny hand that mirror his blend of the canny and cerebral, the expansiveness of an art and music-minded sensibility, meshing with a detail-oriented minuteness like some accountant of yesteryear.
Beautiful is the violet for its minuteness, and the lemon tree for its gentle shape.
On the one hand, Burke writes, we are humbled by the power of nature or nature's God and so "shrink into the minuteness of our own nature, and are, in a manner, annihilated" (68).
The former's ability to analyze with a minuteness of detail the multiple causes and pressures, social and psychological, being exerted upon the characters and evolving as conditioning factors over time, is denied the theatrical representation, which takes place entirely in the dramatic present.
A book classification must hold the minuteness of the knowledge classification as an ideal to which it must approximate as nearly as possible (p.
Some of these our celebrated water-colour painter, Mr Lewis, has produced with admirable truth and exceeding minuteness and beauty' (p.