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make a mint

To earn a very large amount of money, especially by doing something very successfully. We'll make a mint if we can manage to secure a trading partner in China. I hear Sarah is making a mint with sales from her latest novel.
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mint money

To earn a very large amount of money, especially by doing something very successfully. We'll be minting money if we can manage to secure a trading partner in China. I hear Sarah has minted money with sales from her latest novel.
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mint chocolate chip

A popular dessert flavor that tastes like mint and contains hard chocolate pieces. I'm getting a scoop of mint chocolate chip—what ice cream flavor do you want?
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mint condition

The state of an object that is in perfect condition, as if it has never been touched or otherwise used. The phrase originally referred to coins that were never put into circulation and thus remained in the same pristine condition as when they were produced at the mint. There's no way I'm selling my mint condition Babe Ruth rookie card—I don't care how much money it would get, it's one of my most prized possessions!
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be in mint condition

To be in pristine condition with no evidence of use or wear. My brother made a lot of money selling vintage baseball cards that were in mint condition. My family goes to the auto show every year because we all love seeing classic cars that are in mint condition.
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mint it

slang To earn a lot of money, usually quickly. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. That company has such a great product that it's no surprise they're minting it these days.
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*in mint condition

Fig. in perfect condition. (*Typically: be ~;find something ~.) This is a fine car. It runs well and is in mint condition. We saw a house in mint condition and decided to buy it.
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be in mint condition

if something is in mint condition, it looks as if it is new
Usage notes: The mint is a place where new coins are made.
There's an ad here for a 1974 Volkswagen Beetle. It's dark blue and in mint condition, apparently.
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be minting it

  (British & Australian informal) also be minting money (American & Australian)
to be earning a lot of money quickly Ice cream sellers are minting it as the unseasonal heatwave continues.
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coin money

Also, mint money. Make a great deal of money easily or very quickly. For example, With a monopoly on the market he could coin money, or These highly motivated realtors just about enable the agency to mint money. This hyperbolic expression dates from the mid-1800s.
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mint condition, in

In excellent condition, unblemished, perfect, as in This car is in mint condition. This expression alludes to the condition of a freshly minted coin. [c. 1900]
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1. n. a lot of money. He makes a mint. He can afford a little generosity.
2. mod. good-looking; superior. (As in mint condition.) These tunes are mint, all right!
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Greene establishes Minty as a mirror for Farrant when he looks out the window at the rainy night:
Few diplomats regarded Amano or Minty as dream candidates, endowed with the ideal mix of inspirational, cross-cultural, nuclear technical and managerial skills needed to transcend natural constituencies and run the complex IAEA well.
Amano and Minty, both veterans of non-proliferation and disarmament posts and negotiations, each claim backing beyond their natural constituencies on the agency's Board of Governors.
Survivors include her husband; a daughter, Linda Minty Ednoff of Eugene; a son, Mark of Eugene; and eight grandchildren.
That's a possibility proposed by researchers who've created a compound that delivers a more potent version of the cooling sensation of menthol, without the minty taste or smell.
As long as these weapons exist in the arsenals of some," says South Africa's Deputy Foreign Minister Abdul Minty, "others will aspire to possess them.
T E C H 2000 has an invigorating, minty flavor without the stringent alcohol aftertaste of alcohol-based oral rinse products.
Related to mint, shiso blends its delicate minty subtleties with citrus and licorice; the flavor of the purple leaves is more fruity and less minty than the green.
Minty has over 25 years of experience in international mining and finance.
Minty was the Chief Operating Officer for Thani Emirates Resource Holdings Ltd.
Cancer Research UK: PS25 In memory of our dear brother Minty Brown, died October 14, 2012.
George Gibbinson's MINTY BULLET, who blew away the opposition in heat two, clocked the fastest time of the event when beating Amanda Varley's Gia Maria in 29.
One of the store employees, Richard Hartley, dressed as Minty the polar bear to amuse children in the shop.
The Year 6 pupils at the Eaglescliffe school made the largest profit of pounds 107 after they held a minty coffee morning, when they sold mint muffins and mint chocolate-chip cookies as well as minty drinks.