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mingle in (with someone)

to join in with someone; to mix with people. I am going to go into the hall and mingle in with the rest of the guests. Ken came into the room and mingled in at once.
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mingle (someone) with (someone else)

 and mingle (something) with (something else)
to mix people together; to mix things together. Try to mingle your friends with mine. You had better not mingle your money with that of the corporation.
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mingle with someone

to mix with people. Try to mingle with the guests. I would like to get out and mingle with people more.
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Country Mingles has carved out a unique niche in the all too crowded world of on-line dating.
Answer (translated): He says it will take time to adapt and mingle with his new team-mates.
Bendicks trade analysis shows that cross-promoting, including a good mix of single flavour twistwraps like Mingles with assortments like Celebrations, improves consumer choice and drives take-up of the promotion.
Mingles is back on air on Wednesday (December I) with a new TV and cinema campaign.
Mingles is available in a new 600g pack, perfect for Christmas sharing occasions and is supported by TV advertising running throughout December.
99, [pounds sterling] Mingles were aimed at sharing and positioned as "casual, anytime eating at an everyday price".
Outselling other new boxed chocolate launches by over 50%, Mingles has already become a Top Five Twistwrap brand in just four months.
There are literally tens of thousands of single adults in the valley, with a real scarcity of places to go where they can meet and mingle with others in a safe and friendly environment,'' Michaels said.