mingle in

mingle in (with someone)

to join in with someone; to mix with people. I am going to go into the hall and mingle in with the rest of the guests. Ken came into the room and mingled in at once.
See also: mingle
References in classic literature ?
They should observe what elements mingle in their off spring; for if the son of a golden or silver parent has an admixture of brass and iron, then nature orders a transposition of ranks, and the eye of the ruler must not be pitiful towards the child because he has to descend in the scale and become a husbandman or artisan, just as there may be sons of artisans who having an admixture of gold or silver in them are raised to honour, and become guardians or auxiliaries.
But these magnificent creatures are far from cuddly in real life - in fact, they rarely mingle in groups and are incredibly solitary.
The pleasure principal at The Charleston extends to the extraordinary communal areas where neighbors and guests mingle in spaces designed for social activity and personal betterment both inside and out.
The bar on the first floor of the brothel, with its shag carpeting and framed portraits of scantily clad women, has become an infamous watering hole where Muslims, ethnic Croats and Serbs mingle in rowdy drinking sessions lasting to dawn.
The initial launch of Mingle in August 2007 met with enthusiastic reception from over 4,000 software project teams worldwide.