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miner's canary

Something or someone who, due to sensitivity to his, her, or its surroundings, acts as an indicator and early warning of possible adverse conditions or danger. Refers to the former practice of taking caged canaries into coal mines—the birds would die if methane gas was present, thereby alerting miners to the danger. Wildlife in disaster movies always acts like the miner's canary, fleeing the scene when catastrophe is imminent. John was used as a miner's canary to see the test drug's effects on the human mind.
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and data miner
n. a kind of malicious software that gathers private information from a personal computer and sends it to another computer. I have a little program that roots out spyware from my computer. It found a data miner lurking among my digital images.

data miner

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Euzel said nothing has changed since a tragic accident in 2010 that killed 30 miners in the province of Zonguldak.
People wanting to get their hands on the new Gridseed Blade miner can preorder the device on GAWMiners.
She and her hatchet man Ian MacGregor accused the miners of holding the nation to ransom for a grubby fistful of cash.
The number of miners that died in mining accidents the first half of 2013 was one less than the first half in 2012.
Miner worked for Dewhurst at the state Capitol from 2003 to 2006.
But the events were marred by scuffles between riot police and students, teachers, environmentalists and other miners, all trying to make Mr Pinera bow to their pressure on issues from reforming public education and increasing miners' pay to stopping controversial dams and power plants.
This data was based on the list of miners who had registered with community officials prior to the tragic incident.
Accidents kill about seven coal miners a day in China.
WHAT a change from all the recent bad news to see the wonderful scenes of the rescued miners in Chile.
Aug 25: Officials say it could be Christmas before the miners are rescued.
Summary: The first of three drills has reached the 33 miners trapped in a Chilean mine.
Treatment of the other injured miners is continuing.
The Wakefield MP visited former coal miner Joseph Marshall at his home to explain the application process.
I'm usually pretty good with faces, but I had no idea I was reacquainting myself with Saugus athletic director Kevin Miner the past few times we said hello.