mine for

mine for something

to dig into the ground in search of a mineral, a metal, or an ore. The prospectors ended up mining for coal. What are they mining for in those hills?
See also: mine
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If successful, Barrick plans to start production in 2009 and operate the open-pit mine for 21 years.
January 2001: The Board of Supervisors delays action on the mine for 90 days, instructing TMC representatives to meet with city officials and negotiate a settlement to the dispute over the mine after 500 residents pack the meeting and voice their opposition.
When you mine for gold, you also extract pyrite, or fool's gold, says Bob Ekey of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, a conservation group in Montana.
If Elkhorn contributes at least $5,000,000 but fails to make its full contribution, then it will receive a 3% interest in the Mine for each $1 million contributed.
Jesus Rico, who used to manage the Topia Mine for Penoles in the mid-1980's.
McLean was Chief Mining Engineer and Mine Manager of the Sunshine Mine for its former operator from the mid-1990s through its closure in 2001.
and General Manager for the Campbell Mine for Placer Dome in Red Lake, Ontario.
At any point during the lease, UNICO may purchase the Deer Trail Mine for $4,000,000 and pay Crown Mines a 3% net smelter royalty.
NASDAQ:BCMD) (the Company) today announced that it is in the process of re-opening the Ruby Mine for full-time mining operations.