mind your step

mind (one's) step

1. Literally, to look where one is placing one's foot while walking, running, hiking, etc. This trail hasn't been maintained very well by the park, so watch your step.
2. By extension, to be wary of or cautious about what one does while in a tense, dangerous, or delicate situation. Though she's renowned for her tough stance and bold, direct talk, she'll need to watch her step now that she's dealing with leaders from around the world.
See also: mind, step

mind (or watch) your step

be careful.
See also: mind, step

mind/watch your ˈstep

1 walk carefully: Mind your step, it’s wet there.
2 behave or act carefully: You’ve got to watch your step with Simon. He gets angry very quickly.
See also: mind, step, watch