mince words

mince (one's) words

to soften the effect of one's words. Tell me what you think, and don't mince your words. A frank person never minces words.
See also: mince, word

not mince (your) words

to say what you mean clearly and directly, even if you upset people by doing this The report does not mince words about the incompetence of some government officials. Never a woman to mince her words, she described the former minister as self-centred and arrogant.
See also: mince, word
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Alright, I admit I don't mince words - but feint heart never won fair lady.
The show is well short of the length of a football match, so it's not going to overtax the attention span of its potential audience (six to ten year olds) and, not to mince words, it's absolutely fantastic.
The former is edited by Mark Costello, who doesn't mince words in his introduction.
In his book, The Quiet Crisis, Peter Smith doesn't mince words when he says that "America is becoming a two-class society, and the great divide between the classes is education.
Not one to mince words, Heifetz charges that too many so-called gay-friendly hotels in Philadelphia and elsewhere "just want to get their hands on a piece of what they see as the lucrative gay travel market.
Mikasa didn't mince words when it named one of its new collections Blue Denim under the company's Studio Nova brand.
Rutherford spares the 6-year-olds some of the more graphic details of his 1993 accident, but for other audiences, he doesn't mince words.
Shahed, vice president, Advanced Technology, at Garrett Engine Boosting Systems doesn't mince words when talking about the comparatively dismal performance of diesel engines of 20 years ago: "Diesel was a dog.
We are not going to mince words here -- across the board, everything considered model for model, Leupold & Stevens is the finest scope manufacturer in the world.
There are a few Democrats who do not mince words when responding to such budget sophistry.
In fact, this is the one area in which you can't mince words during your selection process.
WHEN Coventry City Council's child protection service was exposed as hopelessly incompetent by two damning government reports, the Evening Telegraph did not mince words.
The original Celerons lacked any secondary cache, and not to mince words, its performance sucked.
Livingston does not mince words describing the FEC.
Next, when Scaliger asked him to try again, de Maumont chose Charles Estienne, whose eventual judgment, the middleman opined in a letter that did not mince words (cited here at length), must have been affected by over-indulgence in lunchtime wine.