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not mince (one's) words

To speak very bluntly and directly, without regard to whether one's words may upset someone. Wow, your aunt really doesn't mince her words. Is my sweatshirt really that ugly? Let me know what you think of the story when you're done, and, please, don't mince your words.
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mince (one's) words

To speak vaguely or indirectly. Often used in the negative to convey the opposite, meaning that one speaks without regard to whether their words may upset someone. Can be used with or without a possessive. I hate to watch debates, which are really just two-hour marathons of talking heads mincing words. Wow, your aunt really doesn't mince her words. Is my sweatshirt really that ugly? Let me know what you think of the story when you're done, and, please, don't mince words.
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(as) thick as mince

slang Remarkably stupid, dimwitted, or obtuse. Primarily heard in UK. Jen's new girlfriend is very nice, but she's thick as mince. The MP was caught on a hot mic calling his colleague "as thick as mince."
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not mince matters

To speak very bluntly and directly, without regard to whether one's words may cause upset or controversy. Wow, your aunt really doesn't mince matters when she discusses politics, huh? I won't mince matters—our company is in dire straits.
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mince (one's) words

to soften the effect of one's words. Tell me what you think, and don't mince your words. A frank person never minces words.
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mince matters

Also, mince words. Moderate or restrain one's language to be polite or avoid giving offense. Today these phrases are nearly always put negatively, as in Not to mince matters, I feel he should resign, or Don't mince words-say what you mean. The usage dates from the mid-1500s and transfers cutting something such as meat into small pieces to minimizing the harsh impact of words.
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thick as mince

If someone is as thick as mince, they are very stupid. No point in expecting any real help from her department — most of them are as thick as mince. Well, what do you expect? She's as thick as mince.
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not mince your words


not mince words

COMMON If you do not mince your words or do not mince words, you state your opinions clearly and directly, even if it offends people. She told him exactly where he'd gone wrong and she didn't mince her words. You always know you'll get the truth from Dan. He's not one to mince his words. I tell it like it is. I don't mince words.
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not mince words (or matters)

speak candidly and directly, especially when criticizing someone or something.
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not mince your ˈwords

(also not ˈmince matters) speak openly or directly; say what you think, even though you may offend somebody: Sir John, never a man to mince his words, said in a TV interview that the government had lied.I won’t mince matters: I think it’s a stupid idea. OPPOSITE: pull your punches
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We would like to say a huge thank you to Lottie Shaw's for donating the pie and we can't wait to host a 'Giant' Mince Pie Munch this December.
GUTTED Dennis couldn't believe thieves had eaten his mince pies
Now in its third year, the Mince Pie Project raised PS30,000 last Christmas when chef Dan Doherty raised PS1,900 for his box of gingerbread-flavoured mince pies.
Where do you live, says another guest, you have never eaten a mince pie.
Tesco is also selling mince for [pounds sterling] 3/kg, pushing up the price of a soog pack of its own-label value mince from [pounds sterling] 1.
However, the fat and gristle content of some minced beef varied to such an extent between retailers that consumers faced an impossible task understanding what they were buying, with some "lean" or "extra lean" products proving more fatty than standard mince.
Well-made mince pies, however, are the very essence of Christmas.
We take out whole of the fish flesh and we mince it.
The mince was then mixed with MPC at up to 6% levels, packed loosely and stored frozen at -18 C for four months.
Claimed to be based on an original recipe which appeared in Selfridge's Household Encyclopedia in 1929 this rather crumbly mince pie make you reach for large glasses of water.
Manor Bakeries, tel: 0175 384 0401, have launched their Christmas range, with Manor's best-selling Christmas product, Mr Kipling Holly Mince Pies, with a holiday promotion offer.
Research involved testing the effects of four different gas atmospheres (vacuum packaging; 80% oxygen, 20% carbon dioxide; 50% carbon dioxide, 50% nitrogen; and 100% carbon dioxide) and two storage temperatures (0 C and 5 C) on the microbial status and the sensory quality of pieces of lamb and mince.
Waterway's Mince Burgers -- Esraa el Feky The Elvis (LE 60) The smell of hot, crunchy homemade toast with Nutella and banana in the middle is bound to warm the heart, but topping it all with Vanilla Ice Cream and covering it in caramel sauce?
Serves: 4 people Prep time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Your Aldi Shopping List 500g Pack of Beef Mince 500g Jar of Chilli Cooking Sauce 2 Red Onions 1 Green Pepper 1 Red Pepper 1 Pack of 8 Tortilla Wraps 300g Jar of Tomato Salsa Sour Cream and Chive Dip 2 Ripe Avocados Juice of 1 Lime Onion/Garlic and Herb Dip 100g of Grated Cheddar Cheese A Little Olive Oil Method 1 Preheat the oven to 160degC/320degF/Gas Mark 3.
Motorists can pick up the limited edition car air freshener, which smells and looks just like a mince pie, from their local Greggs store.