million miles away

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*million miles away

Fig. lost in thought; [of someone] daydreaming and not paying attention. (Only one's mind is far away. *Typically: be ~; look to be ~; seem ~.) He was a million miles away during the entire lecture. Look at her. She is a million miles away, not paying any attention to what she is doing.
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Greatest mathematical distance of all was that between Captain Duncan's mind and the mind of an astronomer who charted the heavens and navigated a thousand million miles away among the stars and who tossed, a mere morsel of his mathematical knowledge, the few shreds of information to Captain Duncan that enabled him to know from day to day the place of the Makambo on the sea.
It swarms with a mean kind of leather-headed mud-colored angels - and your nearest white neighbor is likely to be a million miles away.
In the meat on the platter he saw the shining sun and traced its energy back through all its transformations to its source a hundred million miles away, or traced its energy ahead to the moving muscles in his arms that enabled him to cut the meat, and to the brain wherewith he willed the muscles to move to cut the meat, until, with inward gaze, he saw the same sun shining in his brain.
And in her slinky red dress and sparkling diamonds, Kerry looked a million miles away from the jungle queen who won I'm A Celebrity.
You could name me another three or four players who are not a million miles away from my thoughts.
However, his work with UK songwriting duo Soulsavers, comprising Rich Machin and Ian Glover, is a million miles away from the bombastic anthems of his band.
THIS picture of home from a million miles away shows the complete sunlit globe of the Earth in all its glory.
DSCOVR was launched in February and recently reached its orbital station about a million miles away between the Earth and the sun.
A million miles away from the reality of life for our own Royal Family, this E
shoes she's wearing but Gwynnie's clearly walked about a million miles away from reality already.
But that 5-1 win is a million miles away, with Liverpool in the bottom half of the table, five places and five points worse off than Arsenal.
Enjoy the rollercoaster moorland and be glad such wonderful isolation is actually not a million miles away," he said.
19, 2008, the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, or IBEX, spacecraft, is unique to NASA's heliophysics fleet: it images the outer boundary of the heliosphere, a boundary at the furthest edges of the solar system, far past the planets, some 8 million miles away.
New York, July 14 ( ANI ): NASA's Cassini spacecraft will take some far-out pictures of Earth from 898 million miles away on Friday.
6 million miles away from the sun, while at aphelion it's about 43.
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