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500,000 the fiftieth year; about a million the seventy-fifth year.
He made, during his lifetime, over five million dollars by his patents.
My opinion is, that all these old podestas, these ancient condottieri, -- for the Cavalcanti have commanded armies and governed provinces, -- my opinion, I say, is, that they have buried their millions in corners, the secret of which they have transmitted only to their eldest sons, who have done the same from generation to generation; and the proof of this is seen in their yellow and dry appearance, like the florins of the republic, which, from being constantly gazed upon, have become reflected in them.
That sounds like a great deal," observed Clara quietly; for, besides caring very little for these millions, she had not a profound respect for her friend's accuracy on such subjects.
monseigneur; whether it be to be spent or put away is of very little consequence to me, since none of these millions are mine.
To us it is incomprehensible that millions of Christian men killed and tortured each other either because Napoleon was ambitious or Alexander was firm, or because England's policy was astute or the Duke of Oldenburg wronged.
On the other hand, his holdings were reckoned as worth millions, and there were men so sanguine that they held the man a fool who coppered[6] any bet Daylight laid.
The sharp, authoritative words of Van Horn were a call across the million years.
Had the reader again been in Peking, six weeks later, he would have looked in vain for the eleven million inhabitants.
If modern man's producing power is a thousand times greater than that of the cave-man, why then, in the United States to-day, are there fifteen million people who are not properly sheltered and properly fed?
The millions of spectators which had beset the peninsula of Florida, would they not rush to meet these sublime adventurers?
Hale immediately increased his secret service till a quarter of a million flowed weekly from his coffers.
This new world has already enriched the lives of MILLIONS of Americans who are able to compete and win in it.
a vast sheet of water whose superficial area covers twenty-five millions of square miles, the length of which is nine thousand miles, with a mean breadth of two thousand seven hundred-- an ocean whose parallel winding shores embrace an immense circumference, watered by the largest rivers of the world, the St.
Well, these thirteen millions are wanting to balance the total of the account.