militate against

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militate against something

[for something] to work against something. Everything you have said today militates against an early settlement to our disagreement. This really militates against my going to college.
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A number of features of the law test, however, as well as the Court's minimalist consideration of the surnaming dispute, militate against such an analysis.
The first section argues that psychology has been and remains mired in conceptual problems that militate against its full development as a science.
But it's the long-term cost issues that most militate against making the all-volunteer force bigger.
My own Community, though it is at present drawing up a new Initial Formation Program, has in its present program guidelines for ministering "in a society where most people have difficulty accepting certain teachings of the Church, where many of the prevailing cultural factors militate against appreciation for traditional Christian values.
These structures and outlooks militate against the needs of this special population, such as, single-gender classes, instructors sensitive to and knowledgeable of the values and practices of the Orthodox world, and course content and assignments directly related to communal priorities.
I'm not surprised that non-hunters not only do not support hunting but actively militate against it when hunters mad editors of gun magazines do not appreciate how disgraceful such a picture is as the one on page 53 of the October 2004 issue.
Even more damning, she ignores everything in Solzhenitsyn's writings that might militate against her claims.
For Gertrude Mkandawire, a new opposition member of parliament (MP) for Mzimba Solola, a constituency in the far north of Malawi, winning the May 20 election was a triumph over customs that militate against women.
There are cogent reasons which militate against such a requirement, but the issue is not presented here because the testifying experts worked, not alone, but cooperatively with other experts and under the auspices of AGE.
Constitution's separation of powers and its intricate checks and balances, claiming, "all these militate against the development of responsible government.
In this way, patriotism seems to militate against seeing the other guy's point of view--a particularly dangerous approach for Americans blindsided by the hatred and resentment our country now confronts overseas.
What is to be made, for instance, of the extremely Larinate syntax of The Decameron, which would militate against its purported female address?
These characteristics militate against a vision that emphasizes 1) change, including gradual or evolutionary change; 2) abstraction, an important tool for envisioning and framing change; 3) ambiguity and nonbinary thinking; 4) reasoning that appeals to causal, contextual, or environmental considerations; 5) divergence between appearance and reality; and 6) stronger bonds between individual, community, and nation.
Their huge bureaucratic structures tend to militate against rapid development of products that are easy to understand, and once they go to market, competitors can copy new products without bearing the costs of development.
This text would seem to militate against the reading of Gal.