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militate against something

[for something] to work against something. Everything you have said today militates against an early settlement to our disagreement. This really militates against my going to college.
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Paul's vehement rejection of circumcision demonstrates his commitment to maintaining Jews and Gentiles as different and distinct, and militates strongly against seeing Paul's goal as creating human homogeneity.
Large, established firms sometimes applaud as groups they fund militate for red tape that may suffocate smaller, poorer competitors.
The process is subjective and the relationships between the banker and the client militate against independence," Elson says.
Meanwhile, opponents of 209 were just as furious, predicting Duke would arouse the kinds of racial prejudices that might militate against Proposition 209.
Large caseloads, possible role conflicts, lack of encouragement from agency supervisors, and absence of specific training militate against working with families during the rehabilitation process.
The Court of Appeals' order stated: "To obtain a stay, pending appeal, a movant must establish a strong likelihood of success on the merits or, failing that, nonetheless demonstrate a substantial case on the merits provided that the harm factors militate in its favor" and "Based upon our review of the parties' submissions, and without prejudicing the ultimate determination of this case by a merits panel, we determine that Scanner Tech has shown that a stay, pending appeal, is warranted.
Global Banking News-October 1, 2012--Miliband latest leader to militate for separation of banks(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
For the club to so aggressively militate against what looks to most people a considered judgment from the FA leads to a potential for anarchy.
The party will militate, with all the other parties and the national forces, for the achievement of the democratic transition and renewing the state institutions, thanks to a programme aiming at strengthening the country's Arab and Islamic identity and bolstering women's rights, it adds.
The hurdles which have been erected against full public participation are unfair and militate against democratic participation.
give your and Letters and are editor's Ostensibly the plan to minimise landfill may seem sensible but there are stumbling blocks which militate against poorer families.
Commenting on internally displaced persons of Swat, Buner and Dir areas, he said maximum relief activities are being carried out to facilitate the affected people and militate their sufferings.
The first section argues that psychology has been and remains mired in conceptual problems that militate against its full development as a science.
My own Community, though it is at present drawing up a new Initial Formation Program, has in its present program guidelines for ministering "in a society where most people have difficulty accepting certain teachings of the Church, where many of the prevailing cultural factors militate against appreciation for traditional Christian values.
It also disregards the circular structure of this novel, which tends to militate against a straightforward adoption of the Kunstlerroman form.