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migrate between some place and some place else

to change residence from one place to another, perhaps repeatedly. These birds migrate between the north and the south. They migrate between their cottage in the North in the summer and their condo in Florida in the winter.
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migrate (from some place) (to some place)

[for a population] to move from some place to another. The birds all migrate from Europe to Africa. They migrate to Canada from South America.
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Once the engineering team has completed the prototype of the new product design, the IT team may want to migrate this data from primary storage (e.
Although USM can migrate relational database tables up and down the HSM hierarchy, based on the last reference to any data in a database table or file, the size of the production database does not change.
HSM activity could also bog down the network as it sent migrates and restores across the LAN.
Today DAS Technology of Taiwan announced the availability of LSP for Mac OS X Server, a new tool that makes it easy for users to migrate from Windows NT or Windows 2000 servers to Apple's new rack optimized Xserve running UNIX-based Mac OS X Server software.
Migrates messages or attachments to less costly secondary storage
Das Technology has just announced LMAIL, a webmail system, to provide migration function to migrate all existing Outlook/Outlook Express mails/addressbook to LMAIL on Linux.
We are extremely pleased to have helped NAMM California quickly migrate its Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise-based accounting system, and look forward to working with them over the long term to further streamline their financial management processes," stated Jim Hunt, President and CEO of EYT.
According to Don Knowlton, Clear Logic's vice president of marketing, "The substantial cost savings we offer our customers is a primary reason why so many designers have chosen migrate their programmable logic designs to Clear Logic devices.
Server Consolidator automatically migrates server data in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional approaches.
Simon Theobald, Chief Operating Officer of IFS International, commented "As the payment card world migrates to chip, financial institutions are faced with change, expense and risk.
Generates 100 percent Pure Java source and byte code -- Migrates entire Visual Basic (4.
Unlike other data migration tools which simply expedite outdated manual extraction processes, DCLE not only migrates the data, but also performs sophisticated transformation, manipulation and cleansing of the data as a portion of the overall migration.
VBnet not only migrates existing code, custom controls and database access, but also automatically generates HTML 3.