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migrate between some place and some place else

to change residence from one place to another, perhaps repeatedly. These birds migrate between the north and the south. They migrate between their cottage in the North in the summer and their condo in Florida in the winter.
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migrate (from some place) (to some place)

[for a population] to move from some place to another. The birds all migrate from Europe to Africa. They migrate to Canada from South America.
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Chee and Sethi reported the largest series of 24 migrated foreign bodies in the neck.
The hadrosaurs may have evolved in Asia and then migrated to America -- or, conversely, they might have started in America and headed westward.
Additionally, data being migrated between devices, based on the programmed ILM policies, also must move through the ILM controller.
The users should not even know that their data has migrated to a less costly storage media.
Reports can also be generated during the migration on which users have been migrated and which Notes data stores have been moved.
Frequently accessed data is retained on high-performance storage and infrequently accessed data is automatically migrated to lower cost storage, reducing overall disk expenditures up to 74 percent.
A large percentage of our customer base is made up of publishers, networks, and marketers who have already migrated to our ad management platform from a competitive solution.
HSM keeps migrated files available by leaving stubs at their original locations on the primary storage.
The second phase of the HBA project - which takes advantage of the migrated application and its integration with new technologies such as .
Micro Focus and IAI successfully migrated more than 2500 components of the CICS/COBOL-based application to the Windows platform in less than six months, with minimal changes to the more than one million lines of COBOL source code.
These individuals have migrated to the UK to establish their businesses and to bring exciting technologies and talent to Britain.
With Data Progression the inactive portions of the file are automatically migrated at the block-level to lower-cost disk, rather than storing the entire file on high-performance disk.
Fujitsu Software today announced the release of NeoSort, a special version of Nsort that integrates with NeoBatch to provide support for DFSORT commands contained in migrated mainframe JCL batch jobs.