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in the middle of something/doing something

busy doing something We were in the middle of supper when we heard the news. When she called, I was in the middle of giving the baby a bath.
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in somebody's midst

existing in or among a group of people This law will help us identify and catch terrorists in our midst before they have an opportunity to strike. They would like the troublemakers in their midst to be dealt with.
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in the midst of something

1. in the middle of or surrounded by something He criticized the plan to build homes in the midst of a desert. I was sitting in the midst of a classroom with little kids, listening to a children's story.
2. experiencing something We are in the midst of the worst recession in ten years. The company has been in the midst of a major reorganization.
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in the midst of doing something

in the process of doing something I know that you're in the midst of writing a term paper but I was hoping you could come out today. People in the midst of moving would benefit from the information given on the website.
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in the middle of

1. Also, in the midst of. During, while engaged in, as in He stopped him in the middle of his speech, or I'm in the midst of calculating my income tax. The first expression dates from about 1600, the second from about 1500. Also see in the midst.
2. in the middle of nowhere. In a very remote location, as in We found a great little hotel, out in the middle of nowhere. [Early 1900s]
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in the midst

1. Also, in one's midst. Surrounded by, among, as in I saw a familiar face in the midst of the crowd, or To think there was a Nobel Prize winner in our midst! [c. 1500s]
2. See in the middle of, def. 1.
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There are identifiable terrorists and terrorist supporters in our midst who can be arrested or deported now.
Health Minister Susan Deacon is in the midsts of her NHS Review, and is finding life more than a little difficult.
When we want to chase away these evil spirits we get together in the midsts of the trees and shake the branches because they are magic and they draw strength from the underground.
It is easy -- and becoming an unconscious and natural part of the American character -- to develop housing tracts from farmland, to shop at the supermarket produce section, and to eat anything at any time while romanticizing from afar the man with the hoe; but it is hard to curb our appetites, buy direct and in season, and keep the countryside pristine to benefit someone illiberal and bothersome in our midsts.
LANCASTER - The Antelope Valley Orchestra and Master Chorale is in the midsts of their 1999-2000 concert season at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center.
In the midsts of this catastrophe, Britain rushed to her colony's aid.
MIDSTS OF MAYHEM Bloodied victims being rescued after first bomb just as second detonates
No, we're not taking a trip into the midsts of time here, it just seems like that.