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in (one's) midst

In, among, or around a particular group of people. I never would have thought we'd have a famous celebrity in our midst in this small town!
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in the midst of (something)

1. While something else is happening. And in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner, our power went out! So the rest of the night was spent by candlelight.
2. In the middle of a particular place. I can't believe there's a botanical garden in the midst of all these rundown houses.
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in the middle of

1. Also, in the midst of. During, while engaged in, as in He stopped him in the middle of his speech, or I'm in the midst of calculating my income tax. The first expression dates from about 1600, the second from about 1500. Also see in the midst.
2. in the middle of nowhere. In a very remote location, as in We found a great little hotel, out in the middle of nowhere. [Early 1900s]
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in the midst

1. Also, in one's midst. Surrounded by, among, as in I saw a familiar face in the midst of the crowd, or To think there was a Nobel Prize winner in our midst! [c. 1500s]
2. See in the middle of, def. 1.
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in our, their, its, etc. ˈmidst

(formal) among or with us, them, etc: There is a traitor in our midst.
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in the ˈmidst of something/of doing something

while something is happening or being done; while you are doing something: a country in the midst of a recessionShe discovered it in the midst of sorting out her father’s things.
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Volume one of the Oracles of Fire series, which in turn is a prequel to the Dragons in our Midst series, Eye of the Oracle is an epic fantasy novel about the tension between dragons and mankind, from the era just prior to Noah's ark through the time of King Arthur to the modern day.
By the simplicity and integrity of his life, his community knew a saint lived in their midst.
Most important, these texts remind us that, in the midst of it, through Christ we might "hold fast to our confession of our hope without wavering, for the one who has promised is faithful" (Heb 11:25).
The CHP also is in the midst of its second annual Operation STAR - Statewide Traffic Action Response - campaign, which focuses on driving under the influence, speeding and seat belt violations.
In the midst of a substantial growth period, HGK Asset Management has expanded and renewed its headquarters lease at 525 Washington Boulevard in Jersey City, announced Matt Seltzer, of Cushman & Wakefield of New Jersey, Inc.
I believe this is very appropriately named as the church must be visible in the midst of an economically growing community and it speaks of the church in the north," said Bishop Atagotaaluk.
I'M FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO SUBSCRIBE to BLACK ENTERPRISE, a thorough, well-rounded, and positive magazine (in the midst of all the other hip-hop trash) about and for my people.
The barbaric, systematic killing of the innocent unborn, or preborn, inititated in the sixties and seventies (Canada in 1969), has taken place in the midst of Christian people who, so far, have failed to stop this evil.
Now] I find myself in the midst of good times, thinking about how many people are still dying of AIDS.
Hailed by many as one of the most brilliant representatives of existentialist atheism, a label he rejected, Camus relentlessly searched for an absolute, as did some of his most memorable fictional creations, repeatedly yearning, in the midst of his struggles, for the "asceticism, silence and inspiration" of the monastic life (158).
In the midst of the national GOP resurgence, Virginia Republicans have suffered some humiliating setbacks in recent years, and they blame their losses on the patrician Warner, who has failed to support GOP candidates such as Iran-contra figure Oliver North.
Set in Tupelo in the midst of an international barbecue cook-off, this entrancing murder mystery--a combination of Carl Hiaasen's Double Whammy and Elaine Dundy's Elvis and Gladys--is Shankman's fifth featuring amateur sleuth Sam (Samantha) Adams, and the first in which the prose isn't held back by tedious plotting.
The use of sound is a promising way of making sense of masses of data because the human ear is so good at routine tasks like recognizing a voice, picking out a single word in a cacophony of cocktail chatter or hearing a flute's sweet tone in the midst of an orchestral romp.
Urseth, Chairman of Upland, stated: "We are in the midst of re-organizing the methods and nature of the business we are currently involved in, and we believe that these changes will bring positive results.
Israeli Occupation Tanks and bulldozers on Wednesday morning have carried a limited invasion into Al-Breij refugee camp, central Gaza strip, in midst of discopntinouos gunfire.