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Their most stylistically varied number was the Nightmare and Victory from Cry of the Celts that included the Shaker hymn, a couple of reels and a march tune with a flavour of the 19th century military about it - strange how 'Celtishness' is spuriously claimed these days for so much middle-of-the-road and film music
But where the nerdy, grizzled BJM grab hipsters' attention with their riotous, self-destructive live performances, the cuter, more professional DW draw a slightly more middle-of-the-road college crowd who think they smell the next Matchbox Twenty.
John's appointment was "a well-aimed kick in the teeth" for those "who so badly misread the mind of the middle-of-the-road English Anglican.
We might call him a middle-of-the-road, anonymous fence-straddler," Michaels quipped.
DUBLIN'S Lite FM, the radio station that specialises in middle-of-the-road words and music, is seeking an investor keen to take a stake in the company - or possibly buy it out completely.
Twenty-nine conservative and middle-of-the-road candidates and 15 reform-minded candidates were elected to the Naha city assembly in Sunday's election in Okinawa's prefectural capital, representing no change for the former camp and an increase of one for the latter group, official returns showed Monday.
I think Ralph Reed's election sends a strong signal that middle-of-the-road voters have no place in the Georgia Republican Party, and that's going to benefit us in the election.
As play-it-safe mediocrity, Aladdin fits right in with Scottish Ballet's present middle-of-the-road aesthetic.
Middle-of-the-road gadget nuts with a need to carry contact info and to read static, if updated, Web pages.
They claim bonuses are out of line with middle-of-the-road payers such as Barnsley let alone big spenders Blackburn and Fulham.
He criticised Thatcherism for closing down the coal mines and breeding a `culture of self', saying: "We have a Government that's so middle-of-the-road.
Perhaps most telling for aging bodies, alcohol and cigarettes prove far more alluring to those who at times experience mental anguish than to individuals whose middle-of-the-road mood never swerves.
In his typically understated manner, O'Gara goes on to say: "It would be helpful in my view, if the Catholic position, which is a middle-of-the-road position, were more clearly understood.
Strasburg says its the middle-of-the-road Members who will weigh the right thing to do with the political fallout.
In 1992, IRS publication 525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income, took a middle-of-the-road approach, saying that the refund should be multiplied by a fraction: state tax paid (after the 3% reduction) is the numerator and the total state tax paid is the denominator.