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Brock says, "All we hear about through the media is the bad stuff; I want to give Americans something to smile about with my book Crowded in the Middle of Nowhere.
When off the clock she wrote the script for Middle of Nowhere.
It was too late to back out now, so in typical Kiwi fashion, we set off from Lyon airport with our destination broadly agreed as the middle of nowhere.
The Middle of Nowhere has also received praise from film critic Barry Norman, who said it was "an enchanting film, made and acted with great verve, infectious enthusiasm and off-the-wall originality".
The nearest town is Charleville-Mezieres but we are in the middle of nowhere really.
That wilderness my be a forest or a desert; it may be in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of an urban landscape.
For now it makes little sense to implement [fuel cell vehicle distribution] coast to coast in the US, or in the middle of nowhere in the West.
During normal operations you could find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with equipment needing major work.
Local kayak rentals are available there, and sea taxis can whisk you right out of nowhere to the middle of nowhere.
They are spending two months working in India, and Josh is shipped off to Washington State to spend the summer with Steven's 82-year-old great-aunt Ethel out in the middle of nowhere.
It's probably not a big deal for students in a bigger city to see these people, but for our students out here in the middle of nowhere, it's pretty special stuff.
And she doesn't want to raise her daughter in the Hollywood scene, so she decides to move them to a farm in the middle of nowhere.
A painting of an empty road vanishing into the distance under a darkening sky is similarly ominous, a route straight through to the middle of nowhere.
What's remarkable about this," says Ron Harbour, president of Harbour Consulting, "is that this facility was built in the middle of nowhere, opened almost three years ago with a 'green' workforce, and is out-producing every other engine plant in the country.
There's a reason why these things are traditionally built in the middle of nowhere.