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and micky
1. n. a hip flask for liquor. He took a little swig out of a mickey he carries in his pocket.
2. Go to Mickey (Finn).
3. n. a small bottle of wine. See if you can get a mickey of something for a buck.
4. n. a tranquilizer. (Drugs.) Whatever that mickey was you gave me, it helped.
5. ; mick an easy or trivial college course. (From mickey mouse sense 2) I’ve got a light load this quarter. Three micks and two education courses.


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Former Royal Engineer Micky lost both legs above the knee when he stood on an mine in Helmand Province.
Micky came fourth in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and won gold at the Invictus Games last year.
Micky Flanagan, Echo Arena, Liverpool, November 12, 2013, 0844 8000 400, echoarena.
Mark Wahlberg stars as Micky Ward and, growing up in Massachusetts not far from where the brothers live, he knew their story would make a good film; but Wahlberg had to learn how to fight .
I had already promised Micky, Dickie, Alice, Charlene and everybody else involved that we were going to get this movie made; and it seemed, at first glance, like it was a 'no-brainer'," Wahlberg explains, "amazing parts, what a wonderful story, a really new and interesting world that you're not familiar with .
Micky has been a diabetic since he was eight, which put intense pressure on his kidneys and forced him to rely on hours of gruelling dialysis every week.
The Micky Knight novels are intricately developed with meticulously drawn characterizations and thoroughly satisfying action scenes.
Prior to joining TG Micky served as President at Brierley & Partners, a CRM company that provides management consulting, custom technology solutions, and outsource services.
Micky Flanagan, May 19 2013 Venue Cymru, Llandudno.
Micky, who is married Debbie, aged 41, and has a ten-year-old son Josh and 15-year-old daughter Kelly, who is also diabetic, came out of the operation, caught pneumonia and was critical in intensive care.
Micky and her husband, Mark Merryman, have two children, Madeline and Max Merryman.
Micky hurt his ankle in the warm-up for our semi-final against Huddersfield Giants at Halliwell Jones Stadium.
But Micky can look back on it all with a smile - for he has heard more laughs than almost anybody in this city of comedians.
When we completed our review of these leading candidates and sat down to make a selection, it was a unanimous choice to promote Micky.