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soft mick

A non-specific military term used for emphasis. It's colder than soft mick out here today! That idea is as stupid as soft mick.
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take the mick (out of someone or something)

To tease, mock, or ridicule (someone or something); to joke or kid around (about someone or something). (A variant of "take the piss (out of someone).") Primarily heard in UK, Ireland. If you are so serious-minded that you can't take the mick out of yourself every once in a while, you're going to have a hard time enjoying most of life. It really hurt Steph's feelings to know that the group had been taking the mick out of her that whole time. Brian was a bit of a troublesome student and tended to take the mick whenever class began.
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take the ˈmickey/ˈmick (out of somebody/something)

(British English, informal) make fun of somebody/something: Are you taking the mickey?People are always trying to take the mickey out of him because of his funny accent.
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take the mickey out of

Chiefly British
To tease or mock (someone).
See also: mickey, of, out, take
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