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be on (one's) mettle

To be determined to succeed and thus prove one's worth, often in a difficult or unpleasant situation. I know my employees think I'm too young to be their supervisor, so I have to be on my mettle every day at the office.
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prove your mettle

(slightly formal) also show your mettle
to show that you are brave and have a strong character As a reporter, she certainly proved her mettle working in the midst of a war zone.
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be on your mettle

  (slightly formal)
to be determined to prove that you are good at something, especially in a difficult situation It's a tough interview - you'll have to be on your mettle.
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prove/show your mettle

  (slightly formal)
to prove that you are good at doing something by succeeding in a difficult situation A relative newcomer to the game, he's certainly proved his mettle in the last two games.
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on (one's) mettle

Prepared to accept a challenge and do one's best.
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The statement noted that the focus was on the factors that the commander should be characterized with significantly, especially the loyalty of Iraq, which is facing a dangerous and fierce enemy, and should be so brave adding to the fighters the morale directly, in order to be able to perform their duties in fighting terrorism with high accuracy and mettle.
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Arctic sea ice has been been the last frontier of the North for thousands of years, turning back seafarers, testing the mettle of explorers, and providing a way of life for people circling the top of the world.
com)-- Furnishing the demands and aspirations of today's smartphone consumers, Spice Retail Limited, India's leading Mobile Internet company today launched Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi- 506 smartphone.
Indigenous smartphone maker Spice launched yet another budget smartphone, Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 in India with a price tag of a[sup.
H85 x W108 x D45cm H85 x W108 x D45cm Use your mettle and add some industrial chic with one of this season's trendiest inclusions - a steel-accented drawer unit Use your mettle and add some industrial chic with one of this season's trendiest inclusions - a steel-accented drawer unit
NICOLAS COLSAERTS produced the greatest opening round by a rookie in Ryder Cup history at Medinah last year, proving his matchplay mettle at the highest level, and this week's Seve Trophy should be a piece of cake compared to that away fixture against the USA, writes Steve Palmer.
CHICAGO, May 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Paul Sorvino will star in Amarok Productions' murder mystery PRECIOUS METTLE shooting this summer outside Chicago.
Summary: Washington: Floridians keen to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Everglades will have their mettle .
Every team goes through a sticky patch and recent games have been a test of our mental strength and mettle," said Kearney.
But as Matt Largey of KUT News reports, Perry's pressing on, and his supporters still think he's the only candidate with the mettle to challenge Mitt Romney.
He said: "It's a really busy time of year and I'm fully away that a visit to the forest to pick up a Christmas tree is a long family tradition locally so I'd better be on my mettle.
Lahore, June 24(ANI): Pakistan batsman Umar Amin has vowed to make a comeback to the national cricket team and is eager to prove his mettle in the upcoming National Twenty20 tournament to be played in Iqbal Stadium in Faisalabad from today (Friday).
He admitted: "Everyone will have to be on their mettle from now on.
Mettle is a former national and West African super-bantam king, but the naturally bigger Arthur should know too much.
But since his job security is tenuous, at best, he plots to create a horrific mess that'll prove his mettle with his employers.