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the meter is running

1. Your fare is increasing with time. Said especially in regards to taxis. I don't care if you want to wait for your friend, but the meter is running pal.
2. By extensions, costs will continue to increase or accumulate as time goes on. Try to avoid calling the lawyer's office if you can—the meter is running as soon as they answer the phone, so every call you make can be expensive.
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meter is running, the

Costs or other consequences are accumulating, as in We'd better come to a decision soon, for the meter is running. This metaphoric expression alludes to the fare mounting up on a taxi meter. [Late 1900s]
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Units come complete with supply containers, controls, meters, dispense valve, housing and all interconnecting piping.
The FlexNet system's two-way features include demand reads, kWh and actual voltage, and programmable read interval, low-voltage and breaker re-closure warnings, power fail alarm, and meter functions that are accessible from the Internet.
NR Meter--A meter that is not registering and giving actual reads.
As diameters got up to 6 meters or more, a catch-22 came in: In large telescope mirrors the amount of glass seemingly required for stiffness would slump under its own weight and distort the reflecting surface it was supposed to maintain.
While owners are on frontage they are not realizing that their I-Mon meter, (I-Monitor is the status that a meter is in while the property continues to be billed on frontage) may have malfunctioned and no longer registering.
A meter that isn't registering is subject to incorrect estimating and estimating is never in the owner's favor.
With smart meter data, customers can verify energy savings projected from investment in various energy-efficiency modifications, as well as identify and implement operational strategies to control peak-load requirements and reduce energy waste.
In its latest offering for meter funding, NYSERDA has reduced its maximum incentive from $3,000 per meter to $2,500.