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Highwealth is expected to mete out six to seven months of basic pay for the combination of year-end and performance bonus.
If not, I'm sure his partner Gabriella will mete out suitable punishment - balls in the churn will be the least of his worries.
1, shortly before the commission is expected to decide whether to mete out discipline in the fatal police shooting of 13-year-old Devin Brown, the latest case to feed a rift between law enforcement and some African-Americans.
Returning to San Francisco to mete out justice, he opens a martial-arts school catering to troubled WB actors bummed out for reasons beyond the fact that they're not particularly convincing playing high-school students.
Episode three pits Tony and Carmella against Meadow, yet another imposing foe - a willful teen-ager - who uses Livia's empty house for a raucous party; the best they can do is mete out an impotent punishment.
He must stress to the players that protecting the relationships the league has forged with corporate America and the television networks occasionally necessitates the ``tough love'' that the NBA is forced to mete out via lengthy and costly player suspensions.
Block said he has ordered a revision of the department's disciplinary system allowing the department to mete out the new punishments, which also could include the removal of bonus pay.