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mete something out

to measure something out. She meted the solution out carefully into a row of test tubes. She meted out the cookies to each of them.
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mete out something

(slightly formal)
to give or order a punishment The jail sentences meted out to drug traffickers were considered too light by US officials.
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mete out

To distribute and apply a measure or judgment of something: The cook meted out small portions of soup to the soldiers. Our school principal metes out strict punishment to those who break the rules. The central office gathers information and metes it out to the departments that need it.
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Mete enumerated significant trade opportunities in Indonesia as sea products, food processing, packing machines and devices, agricultural equipment, iron and steel products, dried fruit, marble and natural stones, mining and jewelry, petrochemicals, chemicals and fertilizers, automotive and by-industry, construction materials, textile and carpet, electrical devices, energy equipment, port and dockyard equipment, ship and yacht industry.
Ed Healy, vice president and general manager of Silicon Labs' Wireless Products Division, said, "We are pleased that METE selected our RF synthesizer for use in their high-end Trium cellular handset.
Mete Atakuman introduced new General Manager of Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, Christophe Mousset, who will now be responsible for the overall strategic direction and daily running of the hotel.
The Turkish-Italian trade volume reached 19 billion euros in 2008, Mete underlined.
An Australian Turkish citizen, Mete Atakuman has over 20 years of luxury hospitality experience across high-profile resorts in Australia, Turkey and Azerbaijan including Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts and Hilton International.
Episode three pits Tony and Carmella against Meadow, yet another imposing foe - a willful teen-ager - who uses Livia's empty house for a raucous party; the best they can do is mete out an impotent punishment.
PhiloPubblico goes well beyond the delivery of courses," said Emanuele Scotti, CEO of Mete, a company specialized in e-learning methodology strategies and part of the Allos group that developed PhiloPubblico.
The ordinance also deals with the ability of city officials to investigate the source or potential for pollution, as well as mete out punishment to businesses or individuals who do not comply.
is managed by METE, which is responsible for manufacturing, research, development, models and marketing for all mobile phones and accessories sold under the brand Trium by Mitsubishi Electric such as the Mondo communicating PDA.
As our smARTspeak and smARTspeak CS are language-independent, they will be giving METE an embedded software-only solution for their trans-continental customer base.
00 Lei Pentruasigurarea Financial Resources Necessary for Financing the Investment Objective of Local Interest Developed in the Commune Metes
Subdividing the land; metes and bounds and rectangular survey systems.
He also said that Iran`s gas swap with Azerbaijan and Nikhchivan stands at 1 million cubic metes daily.
Under the terms of the city charter, the chief has the power to discipline officers for wrongdoing, but the Officer Board of Rights can overturn any punishment the chief metes out.