metamorphose into

metamorphose into something

to transform into something. This ugly caterpillar will surely metamorphose into something beautiful At about eighteen, Wally metamorphosed into a reasonably handsome young man.
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My wish for him is that he starts being statesman-like because he said back then when he was campaigning that in due time, he would metamorphose into a statesman.
According to the website, his installations enable individiuals "en masse, without their clothing, grouped together (to) metamorphose into a new shape".
Attached to the top of the container, they metamorphose into .
It is Mochetti's merit to bring out this adolescent trait, which is not always outgrown, and which can sometimes metamorphose into something more monstrous, if one lacks the courage to give it tangible form where it is manifested more objectively.
Ordinarily, between 6 and 11 percent of leopard frog tadpoles survive and metamorphose into adults, notes coauthor Vance L.
On two occasions, for example, the principal protagonists wholly metamorphose into the rivers that take their names.
Petronio's turns metamorphose into startling leaps without warning, then deflate just as unexpectedly into precocious, sensual noodling.
With this type of agreement we continue to improve the prospects of our going forward strategy for the public holding company to metamorphose into a multifaceted holder of telecommunications and internet assets," states Smith.
It says much for the splendidly primal showmanship of ``Shockheaded Peter's'' five-member creative team, and co-directors Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch, that each of these macabre coup de theatres is accomplished with such nuts-and-bolts storytelling hardware as puppets, trick optical perspectives, ghastly makeup and cleverly customized costumes (courtesy of Kevin Pollard) that can sprout spiky hair and hideous talons, or metamorphose into imaginary infernos of red and yellow fabric.
This is a vexed spot where literality and truth to form, pushed to their logical and rhetorical conclusions, metamorphose into something else-neither object nor concept but a hybrid of both.
Under the tremendous heat and pressure of a meteorite impact, rocks melt, shatter or metamorphose into strange forms that not even volcanic explosions can generate.
Someone who gets to savor the thrill of kissing her new sweet babe of a guitar player/lover (a winning Leisha Hailey) out on the street in the bright light of day, as formerly murky tugs metamorphose into proud, sharp desire.
But many caterpillars in the families Riodinidae and Lycaenidae -- which metamorphose into the beautiful, widely distributed butterflies commonly called "metalmarks" and "blues" -- don't have these problems.
During their aquatic larval stage, salamanders suck in water and small prey, but after they metamorphose into land-bound adults, they catch dinner by flicking out their tongues.
Moreover, the virus appears to cause endocrine system changes that can curb a larva's appetite, keep it from molting or prevent its pupation (passage into that dormant stage when it would metamorphose into an adult, capable of reproduction).