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metamorphose into something

to transform into something. This ugly caterpillar will surely metamorphose into something beautiful At about eighteen, Wally metamorphosed into a reasonably handsome young man.
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Il y a dans la force de cette visee quelque chose de foncierement physique et meme athletique, qui va de pair avec le fait que la metamorphose et le sublime, s'ils resultent des mouvements de l'ame, adviennent dans les corps.
fornicata can be induced to metamorphose using seawater conditioned by adults (Pechenik, 1980; Pechenik and Heyman, 1987; McGee and Targett, 1989), the results are quite variable from one experiment to the next.
An animal can metamorphose prior to maturation, or it can become paedomorphic, thus reaching sexual maturity without (or at least, prior to) undergoing metamorphosis.
It says much for the splendidly primal showmanship of ``Shockheaded Peter's'' five-member creative team, and co-directors Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch, that each of these macabre coup de theatres is accomplished with such nuts-and-bolts storytelling hardware as puppets, trick optical perspectives, ghastly makeup and cleverly customized costumes (courtesy of Kevin Pollard) that can sprout spiky hair and hideous talons, or metamorphose into imaginary infernos of red and yellow fabric.
The tattoos metamorphose in the piece, aboriginal folklore to contemporary motifs.
Tadpoles that overproduce the hormone prolactin also metamorphose as usual--with one interesting exception.
Petronio's turns metamorphose into startling leaps without warning, then deflate just as unexpectedly into precocious, sensual noodling.
The invaders metamorphose through four different stages as they assail the body--expressing different genes and surrounding themselves with different proteins at each stage.
On two occasions, for example, the principal protagonists wholly metamorphose into the rivers that take their names.
From a stylish pocket watch clock to tension-busting toys, here are inexpensive items that will metamorphose your work space from mundane to marvelous.
as did insect families with other innovative body parts and the ability to metamorphose.
4) Artists can also metamorphose others, as when Brunelleschi, in the fable of the Fat Carpenter, transforms the plump artisan into somebody other than himself or, rather, deceives the fat fellow into believing he is no longer himself.
The title is meant to evoke Mishima and his world, mythology, mer ("sea"), mort ("death"), and metamorphose "transformation").
Under the tremendous heat and pressure of a meteorite impact, rocks melt, shatter or metamorphose into strange forms that not even volcanic explosions can generate.
Displayed under glass, framed, or placed on a slide and projected onto the wall, these objects metamorphose from detritus to poetry.