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bare metal

Computer hardware without an operating system. Right now, my new computer is bare metal, and I can't wait to build it and configure it just the way I want.
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put the pedal to the metal

To press down the accelerator (of an automobile) as far as possible; to accelerate to or travel at an automobile's maximum speed. It would normally take us three days driving to New York from Colorado, but with my brother putting the pedal to the metal, we made it in two. We're going to be late—put the pedal to the medal!
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Pedal to the metal!

Drive the car as fast as you can! We're going to be late—pedal to the medal!
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put the pedal to the metal

Sl. to press a car's accelerator to the floor; to drive very fast. Let's go, man. Put the pedal to the metal. Put the pedal to the metal, and we'll make up some lost time.
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put the pedal to the metal

If you put the pedal to the metal, you do something with as much speed and effort as possible. He is putting the pedal to the metal to deal with his critics. Note: Other verbs such as keep and have are sometimes used instead of put. Our players kept the pedal to the metal all season long. Note: This expression comes from the idea of pressing a car's accelerator (= pedal that makes it go faster).
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with the pedal to the metal

with the accelerator of a car pressed to the floor. North American informal
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keep/put the ˌpedal to the ˈmetal

(American English, informal)
1 drive a car quickly: Look, we’re running a little late so we kind of need to put the pedal to the metal.
2 work hard; try to do something quickly: If we really put the pedal to the metal, Canada’s economy could certainly produce a third more than it does today.
Pedal in this idiom refers to the flat bar in a car that you press with your foot in order to make the car move more quickly (= the accelerator/gas pedal). The metal is the floor of the car.
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put the pedal to the metal

tv. to press a car’s accelerator to the floor; to floor it. Put the pedal to the metal, and we’re out of here.
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References in classic literature ?
As they proceeded they met a greater number of the inhabitants of this underground world, and the girl noted that among many of these the metal and harness were more ornate than had been those of the workers in the fields above.
he shouted; and the donkey stopped kicking the metal sheet and turned its head to look with surprise at the shaggy man.
Mellow it was with preciousness of all sounding metals.
In one of these cells were several globes, or balls, of a most ponderous metal, about the bigness of our heads, and requiring a strong hand to lift them: the other cell contained a heap of certain black grains, but of no great bulk or weight, for we could hold above fifty of them in the palms of our hands.
She was combing her silver hair, and every hair that fell on the ground rang out like pure metal.
These rifles were of a white metal stocked with wood, which I learned later was a very light and intensely hard growth much prized on Mars, and entirely unknown to us denizens of Earth.
It served as a reservoir for compressed air, which a valve, worked by a spring, allowed to escape into a metal tube.
But now the sounds inside had ceased, and a thin circle of bright metal showed between the top and the body of the cylinder.
Jupenet smiled like a man who has an answer for everything; then he pulled out -- still from his pocket -- a little metal ruler, composed of two parts, like a carpenter's rule, against which he put together, and in a line, the characters, holding them under his left thumb.
He locked himself again in the turret-room, and laid the opened chest on a table, and in the darkness began to unpack it, laying out the contents, which were mainly of metal and glass--great pieces in strange forms--on another table.
The soldiers had almost finished reloading; the metal ramrods flashed all at once in the sunshine as they were drawn from the barrels, turned in the air, and thrust into their sockets.
It was a linen bag which contained within it a mass of old rusted and discolored metal and several dull-colored pieces of pebble or glass.
Save thy sword, O Mighty Warrior, for thou shalt need it more where it will avail to some purpose--shatter it not against senseless metal which yields better to the lightest finger touch of one who knows its secret.
The visitor slipped a plain metal armlet from above his elbow, and pointing to an inscription upon its inner surface, whispered a word or two to the clerk.
Gold is the most common metal in the Land of Oz and is used for many purposes because it is soft and pliable.