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A few pages later the reader is presented with the conclusions about different forms of messes and mess management:
Nonetheless, the messes are much more open and approachable than many buildings of their type, just as the barrack blocks themselves are radically different from traditional eighteenth-century institutional dormitories.
A mess among messes, this takes the throne and I hope I can see this shit live one day.
So in 1986, armed with a congressional mandate, the EPA identified the companies who made the messes, told them what safety levels to attain, and left it to them to decide now they would divide the cost.
Partnering with Travel Channel Star Adam Richman, Bounty Cleans Up Everything from Texas-Sized Barbecue Messes to College Football Tailgates
Visitors can also come back each week to vote for the best mess to determine which messes move on for the chance to win the grand prize.
Ashore General Messes must achieve a Five-Star Accreditation in order to compete in the Ney Ashore competition.
NEW YORK -- Struck by the worst recession in decades, a pair of fashion-loving sisters founded Messes of Dresses, a digital haven for shoppers in search of stylish attire that doesn't break the bank.
While some parents try to prepare for spills by only wearing dark or patterned clothes that won't show spills, or only packing snacks that don't stain, more than 30 percent don't bother worrying because they don't believe it is possible to prevent the inevitable messes that result from traveling with kids.