mess with

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mess with someone or something

 and monkey with someone or something
to bother or interfere with someone or something. Come on, don't monkey with my new camera. Don't mess with me unless you want trouble.
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mess with somebody

to annoy, worry, or cause problems for someone I'm tired of people messing with me and not telling me the truth.
Usage notes: often used with not: You don't want to mess with this guy.
Related vocabulary: fool with somebody
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mess with something

1. to become involved with something dangerous He admitted that he had messed with drugs as a teen. You wouldn't want to mess with a truckload of mail that might be contaminated.
2. to change something in a way that is likely to cause harm Crime really messes with the quality of life in a community. Don't mess with funding for education programs that have a direct impact on student learning.
3. to take apart or fix something complicated esp. in order to learn more about how it works I enjoy messing with computers the way some folks get pleasure from rebuilding old cars.
Related vocabulary: fiddle with something
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mess with

Interfere or associate with; also, annoy, bother. For example, Our group won't mess with those street musicians, or I told him not to mess with me or there would be trouble. [Colloquial; c. 1900]
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mess with

1. To alter something improperly: Don't mess with the arrangement of the chairs—they're all set up for the meeting.
2. To deceive or confuse someone or something: The horrible accident really messed with my head.
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Since the advertising slogan contest began, creator of the Don't Mess With Texas slogan, GSD&M has engaged in a high-level PR campaign that included a strong viral effort in addition to a two governor press conference which enhanced the amount of votes.
The Texas Department of Transportation celebrated the start of its Don't Mess with Texas campaign's silver anniversary with a Celebrity Face-Off.
The Face-Off celebrates a quarter-century of Don't Mess with Texas, the litter prevention campaign by the Texas Department of Transportation to hold down rising litter pickup costs.
Another Don't Mess with Texas celebrity, Lee Ann Womack, is performing during the same show.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Don't Mess with Texas is being honored today as America's favorite slogan with a parade down New York City's Madison Avenue ending in Times Square.
AUSTIN, Texas -- "Don't Mess with Texas" has been nominated as one of America's all-time favorite slogans along with some of the most-recognized and effective catch phrases in advertising history.
In celebration of musical talent from the Lone Star State and the continued campaign for Texas music education, the Texas Music Project (TMP), a statewide nonprofit initiative working to strengthen and restore music education in public schools throughout Texas, today names Clint Black, Flaco Jimenez and the Knowles family -- including Beyonce, Solange, and parents Mathew and Tina -- as the 2004 honorary chairpersons for the "Don't Mess with Texas Music" public awareness campaign, launched in 2003.
1 release of the Texas Music Project's first compilation CD, "Don't Mess With Texas Music.
These efforts will be driven through a long-term public awareness campaign entitled "Don't Mess With Texas Music(TM).
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has awarded a four-year contract for its famous "Don't Mess with Texas" litter prevention campaign to Tuerff-Davis EnviroMedia Inc.
That's why Gulf States Toyota is partnering with the Texas Department of Transportation to spread the "Don't Mess with Texas" litter prevention message.
Bindler began production last week in the Austin area on new television spots for the Don't Mess with Texas campaign.
Sonic Corporation and Texas Disposal Systems will team up with the Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) Don't Mess with Texas Partner Program to help change Texans' litter behavior and keep Texas highways clean.
The country music icon won the most votes in both categories (favorite TV and radio ads) in the "Vote Don't Mess with Texas" statewide contest that began September 1.
7, 1998--The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) today announced the "Vote Don't Mess with Texas" election has some clear-cut front-runners including Willie Nelson, Confederate Air Force, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Fabulous Thunderbirds and LeAnn Rimes.