mess of

mess of (something)

A large, unorganized amount or collection of something. My desk is a mess of paperwork, business cards, and office supplies. There's a whole mess of produce at the farmer's market, but it's not always easy to find what you want.
See also: mess, of

(whole) mess of someone or something

Rur. a lot of someone or something. We went out on the lake and caught a whole mess of bluegill. I cooked up a mess of chili and had all my friends over to eat it.
See also: mess, of
References in classic literature ?
Her cargo is not stowed in any sense; it is simply dumped into her through six hatchways, more or less, by twelve winches or so, with clatter and hurry and racket and heat, in a cloud of steam and a mess of coal-dust.
And yet, in the face of famine and the rigorous winter, he went out gayly in quest of a mess of trout, forsooth, because he "doted" on them
Then you won't have another chance to get a mess of those trout you just
I've tried once to help things along and made an awful mess of it.
The American involvement in Iraq has rightfully been described as a huge mess of epic proportions by the press on this side of the world.
It's not just dog muck that is making a mess of our footpaths.
The surrounding pavements are a disgraceful mess of paper, food and cans.