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At the film's climax, when Dina comes to see that Jack's right-wing conservatism and sexual repression are indeed meshugah, she combines her raised consciousnes with Jewish "learning" by exclaiming, "Das ist neech geetl" Yiddishkeit thus becomes synonymous not only with Jewishness, but contra Hoberman and Herman (and per Sochen and me), with a liberal (political and sexual) world-view as well.
I told myself to stop plotting the match because too much would make me meshugah in the head.
THE sweltering conditions got the better of Mark Johnston's Swiss Act and he could finish no better than seventh behind impressive winner Meshugah, who led home a French 1-2, in the Davidoff Swiss Derby at Frauenfeld, Zurich, yesterday.
Meshugah, a son of Grand Lodge trained by Richard Gibson in France and ridden by Frederic Spanu, beat Alex Pantall's Cesar Le Peintre by five lengths.
En los anos que siguieron a su muerte, en 1991, Farrar, Straus & Giroux publico Escoria, Meshugah, El certificado y la monumental Sombras sobre el Hudson --mas novelas de las que muchos escritores vivos publican en toda su carrera.
It is too easy to read a novel such as Singer's Meshugah (1994) and consider it only in the terms specified by the broad concepts applied to traditional 'American Studies' strategies of reading.
Singer has created another world in his posthumous novel Meshugah, which reads like an autobiography and was first published serially in 1981-83.
It is a surrealistic world of Nazi survivors; as Max says, "The world is turning meshugah.
However, the leading home hope is the Swiss 2,000 Guineas hero Pont Des Arts, winner of his last five races, while Meshugah, from the Richard Gibson yard, could prove the pick of five French challengers.
In his four novels focused on America, Shadows on the Hudson, Enemies: A Love Story, The Penitent, and Meshugah, Singer looks at the effect that this country has had on Jews.
But he is also a writer who has written extensively about America in Enemies: A Love Story, The Penitent, and the posthumously published Meshugah and Shadows on the Hudson.
Loretta Greco directed Marvel in an adaptation of Isaac Bashevis Singer's novel Meshugah, in which she played Miriam Zalkind, a sexy young Holocaust survivor, married to one man and mistress to two others--a role she reprised from an earlier production at the McCarter Theatre Center in Princeton, N.
59, Dolly Dhingra's The Main Course, Rebecca Gilman's Boy Gets Girl, Marie Jones's Stones in His Pocket, Emily Mann's Meshugah, Jenny McLeod's Poison, Suzan-Lori Parks's Top Dog/Underdog, Freyda Thomas's The Gamester and Celeste Bedford-Walker's Distant Voices.
Singer's fiction Meshugah, which played last fall at New Jersey's McCarter Theatre; an epic retelling of John Irving's Dickensian tome The Cider House Rules by Peter Parnell (coming to New York in April for a run at the Atlantic Theatre Company); and a dramatic version of Italo Calvino's The Baron in the Trees by Chicago's Lookingglass Theatre, slated for May.
Latest Play: Meshugah, adapted from a story by Isaac B.