mesh with

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mesh with (someone or something)

To fit easily, believably, or acceptably with something else. Your testimony doesn't mesh with what you told police officers on the night of the incident. I'm afraid your ideas for the company's future just don't mesh with our long-term goals. I just didn't mesh with her, you know? Our interests were too different, so we didn't have much in common.
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mesh with something

to fit with something. Your idea just doesn't mesh with my plans. Currently, your proposed project doesn't mesh at all well with our long-range planning.
See also: mesh
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Reebok Team Uniforms is introducing three new materials into its baseball and softball uniform lines, as well as pro satin textured mesh with a bright sheen in its jerseys.
Unlike its competitors, it uses synchronous protocols to create a 5 GHz directional and deterministic mesh with integrated backhaul.
Besides, the unstructured quad mesher has been improved resulting in a mesh with better size transition and quality.
An engineer using CADKEY simply selects the "Algor" option from the "Application" menu to launch Algor's "CAD Solid Model Interface," from which engineers can then capture exact geometry from CADKEY and create an FEA surface mesh with the easy-to-use sliding mesh density control.
Engineers can then create an FEA surface mesh with a new, easy-to-use sliding mesh control, which lets them quickly adjust the initial surface mesh density if necessary.