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1. adjective Amusingly foolish or idiotic; of or characterized by clownish behavior or sensibilities, especially in public. Though at first I found him quite funny, Tommy's merry-andrew routine has grown quite tiresome lately.
2. noun A person who acts like a clown or buffoon in public, especially for the amusement of others; a fool or idiot in general. I know you enjoy the attention that being a merry-andrew brings, but if you act like a fool all the time, people will start believing you actually are one.

eat, drink, and be merry

A call for others to enjoy themselves, usually in the context of a party or other festive gathering. Come on, people, this is a party—eat, drink, and be merry!
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in merry pin

Happy; in good spirits. I'm glad to see my sister in merry pin on our vacation because she's usually so stressed out these days.
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merry dance

A deliberate waste of time. She led me on a merry dance as she tried to explain why she missed our meeting.
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Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

Prov. Enjoy yourself whenever you can, because you may die soon. ("Eat, drink, and be merry" by itself is simply a way of encouraging people to enjoy themselves.) Fred: No cake for me, thank you. I'm on a diet. Jane: But, Fred, this is a birthday party. Eat, drink, and be merry. Natasha encouraged all her guests to eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.
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lead someone on a merry chase

Fig. to lead someone in a purposeless pursuit. What a waste of time. You really led me on a merry chase. Jane led Bill on a merry chase trying to find an antique lamp.
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make merry

to have fun; to have an enjoyable time. The guests certainly made merry at the wedding. The children were making merry in the backyard.
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*merry as a cricket

 and *merry as the day is long
very happy and carefree. (*Also: as ~.) Mary is as merry as a cricket whenever she has company come to call. The little children are as merry as the day is long.
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more the merrier

Cliché the more people there are, the happier the situation will be. Of course you can have a ride with us! The more the merrier. The manager hired a new employee even though there's not enough work for all of us now. Oh, well, the more the merrier.
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the more the merrier

additional people will make something better “Do you mind if I invite my sister and her family?” “Why not? The more the merrier.”
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The more the merrier.

something that you say which means you are happy for other people to join your group in an activity 'Do you mind if Ann comes to the cinema with us?' 'Not at all. The more the merrier.'
See more by accident than design, There is more to than meets the eye, More fool !, have [done etc.] more than has had hot dinners, What more do you want - jam on it?, It's more than my job's worth, more by luck than judgement, bite off more than can chew, More power to your elbow!
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lead a chase

Also, lead a merry chase or dance . Mislead someone; waste someone's time. For example, Mary refuses to commit herself and is leading John a merry chase, or Harry led us all a dance; we were waiting at the hotel and he'd gone to the movies. [First half of 1500s]
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more the merrier, the

The larger the number involved, the better the occasion. For example, John's invited all his family to come along, and why not? The more the merrier. This expression was first recorded in 1530, when it was put as "The more the merrier; the fewer, the better fare" (meaning "with fewer there would be more to eat"), an observation that made its way into numerous proverb collections.
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If Christmas 2006 lives up to expectations, it will be the merriest for 12 years.
Accompanied by a child with the merriest curls (spiral movement).
Their dinner last week was one of the merriest I have ever attended.
It seems that Hitler and Churchill and Roosevelt are going to kiss and make up and all have the merriest time imaginable giving Big Joe the clouts.
The small, humorous, sharp-eyed elfin face of Domenichino, the merriest of the Bolognese painters, consorts well with his cheerful scenes.
One the merriest, another the wiliest, the third the holiest harlot in his realme, as one whome no man could get out of the church lightlie to any place, but it were to his bed"; two of these women "were somewhat greater personages, and nathelesse of their humilitie content to be nameless .
tripping about like a young girl" as she does her daily chores, and he notes that the old man, who cultivates their half-acre garden by himself, "was the merriest old man that we had ever seen, and one of the best preserved" (77, 71).
It's amazing how those can create the merriest of hell with their actions, expecting us to meekly accept the permanent disruption of a service, due to economies or lack of profit for shareholders.
It's probably the merriest and most musical city in Mexico.
Herb Caen was the Chronicle's anchor, for most people the merriest and most important read in the morning paper; his column created a mythic, gossipy, insular little town in which the suburbs--distant places like Contra Costa County's Pleasant Hill, or San Jose, which was growing so fast that its population would eventually overtake San Francisco's--were reserved for the occasional doofus joke.
If my hunch is correct, I'll venture the Signatures will perform their merriest with a vacuum tube in your system here or there to smooth out a few rough edges).
Under his microscopic probing of the Old West and its miseries made palatable by merriment, Dee Brown had turned up the merriest accounts of self-taught doctors, lawyers, merchants, and thieves, of feuding editors, semiliterate schoolteachers, servants of the Lord with Bibles held open by Bowie knife and pistol.
Rich with lights, music and the merriest of times, this attraction will remain open until Jan.
A legendary floating party through 10 decades, the merriest revue of the century
She put her hands on mine and told me she wished me and my family the merriest Christmas.