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judge one on one's own merits

to evaluate one on one's own good and bad points and no one else's. Please judge Janet on her own merits. I was judged on my own merits.
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judge something on its own merits

to evaluate something on its own good and bad points and nothing else. You must judge this proposal on its own merits. The proposal has not been judged on its own merits.
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on its (own) merits

based on considering which person or thing has the best qualities Judge the product on its own merits and not on any advertising claims.
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on the merits

based on the qualities of someone or something, or on the facts of a situation The mayor makes job appointments only on the merits.
Usage notes: used especially in legal decisions: His pardon was granted solely on the merits.
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on its merits

Also, on one's merits or according to one's merits . With regard only to the intrinsic quality of something or someone. For example, Who supports it doesn't matter; we have to consider the idea solely on its merits, or The agency doesn't care about her references but wants to hire candidates according to their merits . [Late 1800s]
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Thunder Bay Travel, Thunder Bay (Award of Merit 1992)
When bringing an action for medical professional liability in Pennsylvania, a plaintiff's attorney must now file a separate certificate of merit for each licensed professional against whom a claim is alleged.
Earning some merit badges came easy, while others proved to be rather onerous.
Merit today operates MichNet, Michigan's most advanced Internet service, linking virtually every public and private university, community college, and K-12 school in Michigan.
There should not be any merit pay increase, whatever procedure we're talking about,'' Wachs said Wednesday.
Born in Detroit, Green received an AFS Service Citation in 1979 and an AFS Award of Scientific Merit in 1985.
An award of merit is given for taking conspicuous action in rendering aid during a lifesaving or life-threatening situation under circumstances that pose calculated risk.
Merit announced earlier this week that Zeppelin Games had agreed to be acquired by Merit and become a wholly owned subsidiary of Merit.
Companies use Merit Matrix Connect data to transfer business rules
The Lower Hopton bowler won back-to-back Yorkshire Merit titles to qualify once again and he will joined by clubmate Robert Hitchen (Spen Masters) and Mirfield Old Bank's Andrew Sykes (John Smiths Classic) along with former winner Graeme Wilson in the Beryl and Don Cooke-sponsored seaside showdown.
Hart High School's Emily Davis is the only graduating senior in the Santa Clarita Valley to win a college-sponsored National Merit Scholarship, officials said.
Additionally, the Company announced the release of several new products, including a new series of Resolve[R] drainage catheters with marker bands, Prelude[R] introducer sheath line extensions, the ShortStop Advantage[TM], the Merit Advance[TM] angiography needle and the Impress[R] 5-French flush catheter.