merge with

merge (something) with (something else)

to join two things together. The management merged the sales division with the marketing division. We merged the accounting department with the auditing department.
See also: merge

merge with someone or something

to join with someone or something. Ted merged with Fred and they created a very profitable partnership. Our company merged with a larger one, and we all kept our jobs. This stream merges with a larger stream about two miles to the west.
See also: merge
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Due to the increased use of disregarded entities (especially SMLLCs) in mergers and the fact that some states allow such entities to merge with corporations, the IRS has started to address when and whether such arrangements are Sec.
It planned to merge with another publicly owned domestic corporation (Target) that was the parent of an affiliated group of corporations filing a consolidated return.
Although companies that merge with or buy another business hope to make more money as a couple than each would have alone, useful M&A business valuations depend on more than just finding your client a price.
The 133-year-old Roman Catholic facility recently abandoned plans to merge with city-owned Quincy Hospital, primarily because the latter performs abortions and offers birth-control services.
I'm alarmed that they're saying the black college should merge with the white college, instead of saying the white college should merge with the black one, or that the black college should be upgraded," says William H.
On June 17, 1993, NISCO announced the signing of a letter of intent to merge with WTG and subsequent negotiations led to the execution of the definitive merger agreement effective July 30, 1993.
The complaint, filed by the SEC in federal court today, charged Merge with record-keeping violations, and charged two of the company's former executives with accounting fraud.
At the time, McKesson was to merge with AmeriSource and Cardinal Health with Bergen-Brunswig.
Companies sometimes spend many millions of dollars to acquire or merge with another company only to find that their deal created an anticompetitive situation that their financial or legal advisers failed to recognize.
As proposed, Progressive Return Fund would merge with and into Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund and Investors First Fund would merge with and into Cornerstone Strategic Value Fund.
Neurotech Development Corporation (OTCBB:NEKDA), has entered into an agreement to merge with an affiliate of Stellar Holdings.
today announced that it has signed a letter of intent to merge with a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Gaming Corporation.
EPi) (Nasdaq:EPHI) announced Wednesday it has signed a definitive agreement to merge with Eurobiotech Group Inc.
HDS) announced Tuesday that it has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Information Systems Acquisition Corp.
in March 1993 and since then has sought to acquire or merge with a company in the information systems industry.