mention in

mention someone or something in something

1. to name someone or something in a particular context. We mentioned you in regard to nominations for the congress. Everyone mentioned your book in the discussions.
2. to name someone or something in a will, lecture, story, article, etc. They mentioned your name in the discussion. Uncle Herman mentioned you in his will.
See also: mention
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Other awards received include: Finalist in the "Delayed Data" and "Professional Platform" categories, Semi-Finalist in the "Institutional Platforms" and "Plug Ins" categories, Honorable Mention in the "Real Time Data" and "Plug Ins" categories, and First Runner Up in the "Plug Ins" category.
NTN conveniently fails to mention in its press release that its `claim' in a second Federal Court action was made in response to a Declaratory Judgment action filed by Interactive Network on June 11, 1993 against NTN," said Lockton.