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That is, what participants "thought they were supposed to do", revealed through recall discourse, may have led them to state all remembered information in English, thus influencing their memory strategies; A)translating Greek story events into English internally during encoding and/or B)translating language specific (Greek) memories into English externally at recall.
But, as Lankhorst notes, even the best chalcogenides today can't switch endlessly between states, as can standard silicon-based memories such as DRAM.
In writing the book ``That Water, Those Rocks,'' Katharine Haake tapped into childhood memories.
Hence, these portrait busts preserved memories of character, memories deliberately shaped by patrons.
Qimonda also has considerable experience and a significant portfolio of intellectual property relating to phase change memories through its many years of research and development in the general field, including its present joint research program with IBM and Macronix.
Scientists incite illusory memories and explore their implications
Non-volatile memories do not require electrical power to retain their information.
Terrible memories of this trauma undoubtedly lay buried deep within her unconscious mind, she was told.
After precisely describing handset embedded memories, this report analyses the structure and trends of this market.
People often report vivid memories of what they thought and did just before, during, and after learning of a particularly startling event, such as the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963 or the 1986 space shuttle explosion.
SAN FRANCISCO -- High-Speed, High-Performance Memories Accelerate Silicon Success of DSPs for High-Volume Consumer and Communications Applications
For much of the past century such a dispute was unthinkable, as psychologists focused almost exclusively on explicit, conscious, memories of previous experiences.
As a keepsake gift or memory album that can be shared at graduation parties, the new PicFolio Albums ensure that school-day memories can last a lifetime.
An influential series of studies in the 1970s suggested that eyewitness memories -- say, for the details of a traffic accident -- often change when misleading information about the event is later presented.
Since embedded memories can comprise 70 percent of the area of a complex IC such as a microprocessor, memory density can be the single most important factor to overall system cost.