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Language-dependent recall of autobiographical memories.
Thus phase-change memories have the clear potential to play an important role in future memory systems.
The conflict over lost and found memories of past traumas shows no sign of dissipating: Witness the final report of the American Psychological Association's working group on investigation of memories of childhood abuse, released in February.
In a handset, three areas require embedded memories.
Increasingly violent memories of repeated incest began to haunt her.
The High-Density (HD) memories address the needs of many applications that are optimized for area: the High-Speed (HS) memories address the requirements of high-performance systems and the Ultra-Low Power (ULP) memories address the needs of power-sensitive portable applications.
A new study, however, suggests that flashbulb memories give off a misleading sheen of precision.
The survey, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation and Creative Memories, also revealed what happens to America's photos when there is no time to preserve them.
Other researchers went on to probe the unconscious memories of amnesics with different implicit tasks.
The reports do not, however, dim an ongoing debate over the sturdiness of eyewitness memories.
enables us to reliably validate the characterization process for both third-party memory compilers and in-house customized memories.
Traces for different types of memories have been hypothesized to lie in specific brain regions far more limited than the expanse of activity picked up by John and his colleagues.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Achievement represents a crucial step in the delivery of next-generation non-volatile embedded memories