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It remains unclear if the memo represents the administration's standpoint or future plans.
But this same group handed the president a memo of incitement against Syria containing a host of demands that reflected complete distraction from the Israeli enemy and its dangers," he said.
According to Tuladhar, leader Sahana Pradhan, Lawmaker Ram Pirat Paswan, Shantidevi Chamar, Pransingh Dayal, Hani Mia called at the party office and took exception to the memo.
The Tax Court held that the IRS did not have to turn over memos prepared by IRS personnel during the course of litigation because the memos were protected by the work-product privilege and the IRS had not waived the privilege with respect to the documents.
After consulting with an attorney, Barrett said he would leave the memo on his site.
This approach leads to a nearly constant flood of memos and meetings that sound as if something new is constantly being hawked again and again and again.
JULY 26 2004 - The Memo beats off competition from Cardigan Castle and Llanfyllin Workhouse to win the Welsh heat of Restoration.
Nicaragua crawls along as the second-poorest country in the hemisphere after Haiti, battered by storms of nature and of their own making, with little hope of things changing in the future" according to the memo.
The memo dictates that scrap wood treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) cannot be used to make mulch products.
Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) has sent out a clarifying memo to its regional offices dictating that scrap wood treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) cannot be used to make mulch products.
In his letter to trust secretary Ian Harris, Coun James said: ``I have received representations from people who feel the use of the term The Memo is offensive to the memory of those brave servicemen whose names are recorded in the Hall of Remembrance.
Surprisingly, the Court only took the action suggested by a cert-pool memo in approximately half the cases that were granted review.
A 1990 memo from Reed about a $64,000 contribution to the Coalition from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.
Tom Carpenter, director of the group's West Coast office in Seattle, obtained and publicized an Energy Department memo that suggests the reactor would be unsafe.