melt in your mouth

melt in (one's)/the mouth

Of food, to be soft or tender, and, typically, delicious. The phrase is often quite literal. This decadent chocolate cake positively melts in the mouth. I've never had such a perfect steak in my life! I swear, it melted in my mouth.
See also: melt, mouth

ˌmelt in your ˈmouth

(of food) be soft and very good to eat: They serve steaks that just melt in your mouth.
See also: melt, mouth
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The Reese's cookies are good and almost melt in your mouth.
Among the delicious recipes you'll find Snickerdoodles, Peanut Butter Twist Brownies, Mocha Madness Cake, Chocolate Caramel Boston Cream Pie, Tantalizing Truffle Pie, Swirled Raspberry Cheesecake, Jelly-Filled Donuts, Melt in Your Mouth Fudge, and Toasted Coconut Pecan Frosting.
Five girls from Afon Taf High School, Ynysowen, have achieved where M&Ms failed by inventing chocolate that will melt in your mouth but not in your hands.
Fat in chocolate melts at about 30[degrees] (86[degrees]F), or just below body temperature--perfect to melt in your mouth.
FRUIT-flavoured pills that melt in your mouth could soon be on prescription.
It's the cocoa butter that causes the chocolate to melt in your mouth.
The buttery flavor makes this cookie melt in your mouth, so be sure to use the real thing.