meet death

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meet (one's) death

To die. Please stop speeding, I don't want to meet my death today!
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meet one's death

 and meet one's end
Fig. to die. After 20 years, my dog finally met his death when he got hit by a bus. The skydiver met his end when his parachute didn't open.
See also: death, meet
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While DDS represents more than half of all tape drives purchased in recent years, the technology has become antiquated and no longer offers adequate capacity, speed and reliability to meet end users' ever-growing storage needs.
With this in mind, MacDermid has developed pre-treatment alternatives that meet end of life strictures.
As e-business applications become more and more complex with fast-moving requirements and as J2EE has now proven its stability to make applications totally interoperable, Java developers have to rely on modeling to remain productive and to meet end users expectations," said Mark Driver, research director at Gartner.
Other personalities meet ends that are no better: Billie Holiday loses her nose, and Albert Einstein, in the famous photo where he is sticking out his tongue, looks like a cross between a dirty old man and an ape.
At Fairplex Park, whose meet ends Monday, Martin Pedroza (21 wins to David Flores' 10 through Wednesday) closes in on his eighth consecutive L.
The meet ends with individual event finals Saturday.
Notes: The Oak Tree Racing Association meet ends today with Neil Drysdale and Kent Desormeaux seeking their fourth stakes win together with Plus in the Louis R.