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happy medium

A healthy balance between two extremes. It can be difficult for working mothers to find a happy medium between maintaining their careers and caring for their families.
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strike a happy medium

 and hit a happy medium; find a happy medium
to find a compromise position; to arrive at a position halfway between two unacceptable extremes. Ann likes very spicy food, but Bob doesn't care for spicy food at all. We are trying to find a restaurant that strikes a happy medium. Tom is either very happy or very sad. He can't seem to hit a happy medium.
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in the long term

also for the long term
involving a long period of time Better teacher training will make a big difference to the school in the long term. For the long term, we hope our plans will create a large number of jobs.
Related vocabulary: take the long view
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a happy medium

a way of doing something which is good because it avoids being extreme (often + between ) What you want from a holiday is a happy medium between activity and relaxation. I'm either exercising all the time or I'm doing nothing but I can't seem to find a happy medium.
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in the long/medium/short term

a long, medium, or short time in the future Cuts in company spending now should lead to profits in the long term. In the short term, temporary housing will be provided for all of the flood victims.
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happy medium

The midway point between two extremes. For example, We need to find a happy medium between overdoing the holiday season and ignoring it entirely . This expression, first recorded in 1778, was once known as the golden mean and is based on ancient mathematical principles.
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We could converse with our captors only through the medium of interpreters who spoke both Chinese and Abyssinian.
The changes in appearances of an object which are due to changes in the intervening medium will not affect, or will affect only very slightly, the appearances from places close to the object.
An impression due to this sort of intervening medium is called a perception, and is interesting to psychology on its own account, not merely as one of the set of correlated particulars which is the physical object of which (as we say) we are having a perception.
As we approach nearer to the object, the effect of the intervening medium grows less.
Media obsolescence occurs when the storage medium used (e.
The market for enterprise streaming applications has soared as more and more businesses realize the significant cost savings associated with utilizing the Internet as an effective business communications medium.
In short, we're expanding our large paying customer base for these print subscription products by using the Internet as an alternative sales and delivery medium.
The Internet is clearly evolving as the next-generation broadcast medium for multiple industries across the globe.
Media 100 and its Streamriver services are proving the Internet as a compelling, viable and powerful broadcast medium for some of the most influential organizations in the world," said John Molinari, chief executive officer of Media 100.
Several medium size B2B magazine publishing companies used acquisitions to jumpstart their integration efforts.